Wednesday, December 9, 2009

What in blue blazes is going on here?

Let me try this again folks. I am about to jam in some missed experiences and food here, bear with me please. How are you all first off? I missed you dearly. I'll be visiting my blog friends as soon as I can. I need to get back into the world I love again.

Kristjan enjoying an animal book. He loves to look at books. I consider that a good sign.
Bella being nice enough to share "Pepper" with her brother over at mom's place.
Ahh....Kristjan's birthday. I should dedicate this moment to a post alone, but I'll keep it short and scary. Let's start with Thanksgiving. Bella had a soar throat and Kris developed the sniffles and a cough. The week after, Bella gets better, Kristjan's head and cough gets worse and I get strep throat. I take Kristjan to the doctor to get checked out on Thursday of last week and the doctor says his chest is clear but fills a prescription for it to clear.

Friday night he cries out all night saying "owee!". The next morning (his birthday) he's crying and miserable and won't turn his neck. He won't let you near his neck or head. I call the doctor and they refer us to an urgent / after hours pediatric office that is open on Saturdays. We take him to this doctor and receive a cold and heartless response. He says in a stern voice: "I am greatly concerned about your son here. You need to take him to the emergency room and have him given a spinal to check for meningitis." At that point my heart sank and started to panic. I thought I was going to maybe lose my little boy.

The drive from that quacks office to the hospital was absolutely heart wrenching. I hope to never experience that again. We arrive to the hospital to find that he in no way had meningitis and after blood work, physical exams and an x-ray we found he had a sinus infection. Which explained the crying and sensitivity in his head and neck.

I'll never return to that doctor's office again and the hospital made a copy of the referral. They seemed quite interested in why he put us through all that. Made for a long birthday and Chris and I grew a few more grays that day. We still celebrated his birthday that night and enjoyed mom's amazing cannelloni, family and cake.
I still get teary eyed when I see my little boy and think of that day. I love him and his sister so much.
Bella and Grandma made these adorable little marsh mellow snowmen. Bella brought a few in to daycare and school to share with her teachers. They all loved them so much I had to make photo copies of the recipe to share with them.
Finally that lose front tooth came out!

As the days pass I hope to be able to get myself back together again. I don't want to miss out on the complete feeling of the holiday season. It's already going by so fast and with work and illnesses, I forget what time of year it is. Those of you out there making things, organizing things and planning for Christmas, I envy you! Anyway, shall we all enjoy this time...hectic or not.

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Lorna said...

reading all this made me shivers Thanks God everything ok. Take Care.