Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Better than marshmallows

I listened to a chef on the radio during Thanksgiving talking about how at his restaurant they serve a sweet potato casserole topped with goat cheese instead of the southern classic marshmallow topping. It sounded very good to me and I remembered about it last night on my way home from work and thought I would try that combination.

Chris helped me out by baking the potatoes for me while I was on my way home from work. When I got in the kitchen, I seared two chicken breasts rubbed with a little Cajun spices, salt and pepper and set it aside. In the same pan with the same oil, I added a small chopped onion and green pepper and tossed quickly. I added the chopped kale and some broth and cooked the mixture until the kale had wilted - adding broth as needed to keep from sticking (I am trying to not have to add oil so I use broth). I cut up the chicken breast and added it to the kale mixture.

On the plate I sliced one sweet potato in half and put a generous layer of goat cheese on top. Then I topped it with the kale mixture. It was wonderful and I have to admit, I could have eaten the sweet potato with the just the cheese alone. It was a great combination.

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