Monday, January 11, 2010

Building that relationship to veg

I'm not talking about being a vegetable, (though, the thought of a nap on the couch sounds good!) I'm talking about my relationship with eating vegetables. I have been for so long this carboholic, and still am honestly. I have this constant need for pasta, rice and bread. It's like I can't make a dish without one of those included somehow. As you will see below, I have the veg going on as well as the pasta!

I've done much better than in the past. We used to eat pasta or rice with every meal. Now I try to limit pasta to no more than twice a week and try and eat only brown rice.
My favorite vegetable by far believe it or not is the brussel sprout. I love the texture and flavor of those babies. I brown a little chopped bacon or pancetta with garlic, then toss in the sprouts. I like to sear them a bit and then add a splash of broth just before serving.
I've also been making those turkey meatballs lately. Chris happens to love them. This time I made my balls, baked them until firm and then boiled them a bit on a little broth for about 15 minutes. I then reduced the broth and thickened it with a little butter and served on top. The pasta is Cacio e Pepe. That wondrously hot black pepper pasta.
I had a large amount of leftover peppered pasta so I tossed it up with some sauteed mushrooms, garlic, onion, tofu and fresh broccoli. Added a little broth and it was a great leftover remake.
Here I am gathering items for my big roast pasta bake. I tend to quickly brown some items to save some time. Here we have a can of black olives, some onion, red bell pepper and lots of garlic!
I added some seared zucchini and cajun chicken sausage. After that I added some cooked (very al dente) rigatoni then cubed and seared eggplant. Eggplant I love dearly, but am still learning how to cook. It seems to need a heck of a lot of olive oil to cook without burning. Perhaps I should salt them more and drain the liquid or stick to only grilling it. It becomes a not-so-healthy vegetable when I have to use so much oil to get it cooked.
I toss in a can of diced roasted tomatoes and toss well. I have in the past roasted cherry tomatoes for this, but I was trying to save a little time.
Before baking I placed some cubed Monterrey Cheese in spots. I normally use Feta, but didn't have any at the time. I like to cook it until I have plenty of pasta "crunchies" to enjoy.
A Sunday treat during football season. Our poor Buc's are done for the year, but there are the playoffs left! Chris always pops a bag of Black Jewel popcorn during his Sunday game. When the kids get a whiff, they come running!

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