Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Lovely colors

That's what Chris said when he saw his plate. "Wow, look at all the colors." That gave me a little dose of the warm and fuzzies. That means I must have prepared a healthy dish. Even though I have leftovers galore in the frig in the garage like, chili from Saturday, still some of that roasted veg pasta bake, chicken and dumplings from Sunday (that was my first attempt....and a not very good one at that) I thought I better get in a nutrient dense meal in for Chris's health.

Let me back track just a second here. Chris has been home for days with this nasty cough and upper respiratory infection. Saturday I made chili because it was extraordinarily cold here and thought that was the perfect clean your sinuses-comforting meal. Sunday I boiled two Cornish game hens with some veg for 7 hours to create some broth for chicken and dumplings. Chicken soup is always good for a cold right? The broth was rocking man! The dumplings however, did not puff and I also added the chicken back into the broth too soon so it had disintegrated into small hair like particles of chicken with rock hard dumplings. I am now on a quest to make a better chicken and dumplings!

Since Chris was still under the weather I thought I would try a meal of vitamin and mineral rich vegetables along with some extra fiber. At nine o'clock is steamed carrots, rutabaga and turnips. At twelve o'clock is sauteed summer and zucchini squash and at five o'clock, turnip greens with ham, onion, garlic and kamut.
My favorite was the turnip greens with the Kamut. What is Kamut? It's actually a Khorasan wheat with Kamut being the brand name for it. Even though it's thought to have originated from the Pharaohs of Egypt, the grain originally came from the invading armies of the ancient Greeks or Roman empires. It's still in speculation. The wheat can still be found growing in small plots in Turkey. This grain is much higher in protein, minerals, selenium, zinc and magnesium than today's general wheat flour. I love it's meaty texture and flavor. It's a new staple at our house.

Tonight....I will just be heating up leftovers. I think seconds of that warm chili is in order.

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