Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A small break in the weather

This past weekend we had a full house which was nice. We had Uncle Dave and his lovely girlfriend Gabrielle over for the weekend from New Jersey and Ninnie stopped by a couple of times while she was down from Tennessee. It was nice to see them all and I have to thank Ninnie again for watching the kiddos while us older kids got out for a while.

We have been experiencing a harsh winter so far for our region. Sadly a lot of our crops down here are gone. Things are going to be a little different at the product market this winter.

Sunday the sun came out and the weather finally warmed up and we wanted to get out of the house and let the kids enjoy the day. We decided to head out for breakfast and go visit the animals at the zoo.

The Manatees are Bella's favorite now. She still enjoys the giraffes, but she requested to see the Manatees the whole time we where there. There was one manatee that played outside this window and would come up to the glass. Bella and Kris could have sat there the rest of the afternoon.
Kristjan loves all the animals and was fascinated when he was able to get close to real moving elephants, giraffes and zebras.
Cute pic of Kris with his daddy.
Uncle Dave and Gabrielle where so cute together. I hope they had a good time and we are thankful that they came down to visit with us. I know the kids loved their company.
Kristjan thought it was a dinosaur and didn't want off.

Kristjan and Bella walked a lot that day and naturally he was snoring all the way home. I'm glad we were able to get them out and about and I know they loved every minute of it

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