Thursday, February 4, 2010

I'm still here

I'm back for another visit! Once again, sorry for the delay folks. I swear I'll get my schedule handled to where I can be back on here almost daily. I also miss being able to read the blogs of those I admire so. I catch up whenever I can.

The kids are doing fine. We did have a little spell where Kristjan was back on the nebulizer and meds for wheezing. That always scares me and I don't play around when I hear any crackling when my kids breathe. When we took him to the doctor he was wheezing and coughing badly. Now, he's back to normal and no longer on the meds. Let's hope he stays clear of that bug!

Bella had a little fun with a tick on the top of her head. We quickly removed it, kept it and keep up to date on how she's feeling. So far no problems. Those Lyme disease ticks normally are found up in the north.

For me? I've been well actually. I have been rescheduling appointments (nice way of saying, putting them off) because of kid matters, work matters or money matters. I did finally make it to the oral surgeon on my sometimes troubled wisdom tooth. X-rays find that I'm one of those rare lucky folks (can you feel the sarcasm?) that has wisdom teeth that didn't really grow much. I'm good with three of them, but the one that was bothering me has it's root all the way into my jaw bone, all the way to the end and right through a major nerve. So removing it means a big chance I lose feeling in my lower lip or chin for the rest of my life and also the high chances of breaking my jaw bone. No surgery for me.

Let's get back to food, shall we? I made a couple of loaves of bread and decided to make some of those baked veggie slices again.

I cooked up quickly (not to over cook - never on my veg!) some red onion, orange bell pepper, ham, mushrooms and broccoli.
Topped the bread slices with the veg mixture and some goat cheese and baked until a bit golden. They are always a great treat.
Roasted veg on salad greens with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette. Here I roasted some garlic, eggplant, red onion and butternut squash. Chris had his blood work the following morning and thought I better get in a healthy meal. I usually forget about his appointment and feed him meat, pasta and cheese before he goes. He's always busting my chops about it.
Hmmm, does the goat cheese on sweet potato look familiar? Hell yes it does! Because it rocks! I've told everyone about that combo and so far, those that have tried it have loved it. With the potatoes I had seared some pork chops with dried herbs, salt and pepper and then with a little white wine made a reduction. Served it over some rocket.

This weekend I plan to attempt sushi with dad. I have this great program that a pal of mine introduced me to where you can plan your recipes, print out your shopping list, and even share them with friends. It's . It's a great resource.

Be back soon, kisses. Nessa


Val in the Rose Garden said...

OMG, those baked veggie slices look AMAZING! (doesn't help that I am hungry. Seriously, I am drooling over here.) I am sorry about your boys wheezing... we just got over that bug here. And a tick??? Ewwww... {{{hugs}}}

Glad all is cleared up though. :) Your food looks amazing as always.

Love Val

Best Wishes, Marie said...

we know you are still there, it is better to be busy living that to be escaping blogging. live life and take care of yourself !!1