Wednesday, February 17, 2010

My hero, Jamie Oliver

A must see video clip of Jamie Oliver discussing the importance of food education in America. America, the nation with the highest obesity, the worst diet and a horrid ignorance of food.

I needed to see this clip just as much as the rest of the world does.

It made me tremble at the thought that I need to do better for my children. I constantly teach Bella and Kris what each vegetable and fruit is, but am still battling getting them to actually eat them. I admit I fail and at times feed them what they like verses what's on the dinner menu . Something I didn't have as a child. I ate what my mom made for the family, period. She didn't make anything special for me. If I didn't like it, I didn't eat.

Sounds harsh, but that's the way it used to be and they way I should be. I didn't starve to death and to be honest, there wasn't a lot that I didn't like. Let's see....I didn't care for chicken livers much (still don't) and didn't like canned peas. Other than that, I rarely left food on my plate.

So as I try to prepare these healthy and diverse meals, my kids don't always partake. So, I make them something else they would like. I understand on meals that may be too spicy for them, but I'm doing them a great disservice by feeding them separate meals and it's double the work for me.

I truly admire Jamie for his work in this field. He changed the foods given to children at school in England and he's now over here trying to help us. We are the nation with the worst food standards. A nation full of fast food restaurants and processed foods wall to wall in the grocery store. I get the sudden urge at the grocery store to approach people about how they must educate themselves about food when I see carts filled with soda, boxed foods, chips, frozen meals and gobs of ground beef and hot dogs. I don't do that of course, I'd probably get an ear full or get my ass kicked!

Why is the cost of heath care so high here? Our poor diet, that's why. The highest percentage of deaths in this country now could have been avoided with proper diet and education. Death by crime is on the bottom. Heart attacks, stroke and diabetes are on the top.

So as I continue to be hard on myself, I do it because I know it's important to get my kids more involved with food. I need to pass cooking down, not shut it out. That's the problem with people today, they don't know how to cook. If they too were brought up on junk food, how would they have learned? There's also the convenience factor. It's easier to pop it open and nuke or drive to the window and just pick it up. That's what the food companies bank on and with most politicians having these companies in their pockets, it's almost impossible for change.

The best way for change is to educate. That's why Jamie is my hero.


athomewiththeknights said...

I love Jamie! :) My kids know they need to eat what I make or they're going to be some hungry little people later on! There was a time when we spent more on food and less on health care. Now, we spend less on food and more on health care.

Val in the Rose Garden said...

I watched that just yesterday!!!!!! I am hardly EVER on the internet right now and I watched that clip yesterday. That is amazing. We really do have the same mind sometimes. Hope you are well.

Love Val

Nessa said...

Janet, you are so right and you are doing it right!

Val, It's great to know minds that are alike! Hope things are well with you too!

Best Wishes, Marie said...

and .......... less on food and more on clothes, boob jobs, etc... "food, inc." is also a must see. and alice waters' edible schoolyard is a phenominal project.

generalizing, for most of us .... "people blogging with nessa," semi comfortable economic (wanna be foodies) can get the food we want, we just have to choose and prepare it.

i was watching a news show that many inner city people have nothing but conven store foods and fast food as an option. they have no grocery stores, less farmer's markets.

here and there, is an exception, but for the most part .... the options are reasonably limited. that translates later into a sequence resulting in bad health, high health costs.

Anonymous said...

here in malta are first of having obese kids. However they introduced vegetable intake once a week at school. Thus kids are encouraged to eat more veg. I think it is working a bit...

Wanda Barrett said...

"I need to pass cooking down, not shut it out."

this is so true; I didn't understand it until it was too late but I wish like hell I'd done more cooking WITH my kids rather than just FOR them. it's hard and takes more time but it is one of the most important things we can do for them

I know I'm preaching to the choir here.