Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Return of the possessed stove

Not sure if you remember me posting about my stove being possessed. Well, it has been and still is. First and still to this present day, my front right burner will occasionally decide to go full blast (bright as the sun yellow) when I have it turned down to low or simmer. The only way to stop it is to turn the burner off. How do I know it's happening? When I smell something burning or whatever liquid begins boiling like mad when I know it shouldn't be.

Then I had my oven element break while using it and a bright spark of fire was going down the element to the other side even after turning it off. We had to turn off the breaker.

Then there was the episode last night. I was boiling pasta on the back left burner and simmering my red sauce on the right front. Those two are my only large burners. I was doing dishes but could smell burning wires. I looked over to the stove but could not see anything suspicious. Went around the house and found nothing. But when I removed the pot of boiling water from the back burner I see this foaming metallic goo crackling and expanding from the burner connection.
I left it there to mess with this evening. I'm sure we'll have to replace yet another burner on this thing. We can't afford to get a new range right now, but this thing makes me nervous. I'll be doing the happy dance in the front yard when I replace this thing.
Bella putting a fork in it. She may not like everything, but what she does like, she eats plenty of it. Except for junkfood of course.

Bella's room has become the kid's sanctuary. A great place to throw down blankets and pillows, cuddle up and watch a movie, color or play with toys. I love these moments. I have to capture them. They love each other so much, but wouldn't realize it when they're fighting over toys or attention. Before bed, Kristjan always climbs up in her bed to give her a kiss.

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