Monday, March 8, 2010

A beautiful weekend with the kids

We had a warm up this weekend. Time to get out and enjoy the weather! Kristjan loves to make bubbles. It's even better with his cool bubble maker with a fan.
The tree in the yard next door to my parents has a developing bee hive. Wish I could get up there and get some honey!
Swashbuckler Bella enjoying the bubbles too.
'Bubbles in the sky!"

I couldn't stop myself from looking up. The sky was so very blue.
Bringing mommy a flower.

My beautiful Bellabean.
Hugs and kisses on the lanai while listening to some Blues Traveler. Bella wanted to hear someone playing the harmonica.
I found Chris's harmonica in my dresser. Why it was in there, I have no clue. I cleaned out my dresser in the hopes I would find my old passport. I didn't find that, but found a ton of other odds and ends. By the end, it was nice to clean out my my junk drawers.....I mean, dresser.

We live near a recreational airport "Skydive City" where a lot of skydivers are floating, small planes are playing and when the wind and weather is right, the gliders are gliding. Yesterday there were many gliders out there. It was the perfect day for it.
This little guy didn't nap either day this weekend. There was too much cool stuff going on to nap! Needless to say he crashed hard by the end of each day! Here he is during dinner. Poor carrots didn't get their chance.

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