Monday, March 22, 2010

I couldn't sell the idea

I purchased through a friend, at an amazing deal, a carton full of kale. Probably about 25 or more bundles for 14 bucks. Needless to say we are eating it almost daily! Last night I made a delish eggplant stuffed with cheese and kale with red sauce casserole. Kids weren't interested in the least. I couldn't sell the idea to them how wonderful it was. Nope.

So Kristjan had a bowl of his favorite mac n' cheese and for Bella I made two little mini cheese pizzas with flour tortillas, red sauce and mozzarella. I guess kale can be hard to get adults to eat, can't blame the kids for sneering at me. I'll convert them someday. One of my quests is to get my kids to love the veg as much as I do. Especially those healthy greens!
Downing that mac n' cheese. I have to remind the little guy to chew, he just gobbles it down! He also has his little green hat on which he always wears when daddy sports his cap. Though, daddy normally doesn't wear his cap that way.
Yo. Looks like you missed a little sauce there.
So Bella, does that little mini pizza taste good?

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