Tuesday, March 16, 2010

My war with time

From time to time I'm able to visit my blog friends and catch up on what they are doing. I get such great inspiration from all of them. When the world feels so overwhelming, seeing other perspectives is enlightening. Especially when my mind goes to the dark side. When I'm just looking at everything in a pessimistic light. Kind of like today.

One of the blogs I like to visit had a post that really made sense and I also could empathize with her. It's a post called the t.v. is broken by lovelydesign and she writes about how the combination of her overbooking herself with work and times being ill resulted in her three year old becoming hooked on television to become this whiny and bored little girl. She "broke" the t.v. by unplugging it and removing the batteries from the remote. After a few tough days, she got her playful and artistic daughter back again.

That was just a quick run down of that post. You really should read the whole thing. She's a lovely lady and I felt all her words. I too have used the television as a "babysitter" while I'm trying to get dinner done or tend to other chores in the house. I usually do my best to limit t.v. time. I really do. I find that when I turn it off, the kids complain they have nothing to do. Well, of course they do! There are plenty of toys and art supplies to start with. After time, they begin to play and all is good again.

So now I'll admit that I'm frustrated that I don't work from home with the ability to be able to be with my children all day. Time is something I am at war with because I just don't have enough of it and I feel like I'm not winning the battle at all. This too shall pass right?! I mean, I want this phase of rushing panic through each work day to pass, but then I don't want to rush life. They grow so fast and I treasure them being little.

Now that Bella is in the 1st grade her school work has progressively gotten more and more challenging for her. They are progressing so quickly that she's losing her comprehension and even regressing on some of the basics. We have to set aside time to work with her each night which is a priority to us.

Today I sent an email to her teacher requesting a conference.

Then I feel awful to push her when she's been up since 5:30am and we are still working on homework at 7:00pm. Sometimes I let her watch at least 30 mins of t.v. after homework and after her bath just so she can chill a bit. It's a long day for her just as it is for all of us.

Time. Darn you. I need more of you. Please be kind and guide me on how to manage you better. Without the t.v. babysitter.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

it is hard trying to take care of everything, and take time for our own interest.

that is what is nice for you is your food interest and cooking overlaps with family life.

would be nice if there was someway for bella to do her homework earlier in the late afternoon or early evening.

often there is no flexibility in the workplace.