Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Preventative Maintenance

That's how Chris and I operate. I'm all into preventative maintenance when it comes to our health check ups with the doctor. If something bad is to be found, I want it found early where it can be treatable whether chosen to go the holistic route or via medical care. Whatever! I want to be up to date on all that fun stuff.

With both of us having high cholesterol we both have to visit the doctor's every 9 weeks for blood work to check our liver enzymes and other levels. Then for me, there's the yearly OB visit and mammogram. For Chris, his heart doctor visits and other male related check ups.

Nothing beats a healthy lifestyle. Some folks never have to see the doctor. I'm not talking about whether you are sick or not. I'm talking about preventative maintenance when you reach the ages where some of these things (cancer, other illnesses etc.) start affecting people. I do believe that all the chemicals in the foods, air and water have a lot to do with it, but I'll get back to that topic later. Don't get me started...

I recently took Bella to the dermatologist to get her looked at. She had a large mole on her back that I wanted seen. She checked out just fine and won't need to be seen again for another year. You should visit the dermatologist at least once a year for a look see. Especially if you're always chilling in the sun. While I was there I made an appointment for myself. I hadn't been seen in about three years and wanted to get back to the routine. I also had a couple of moles in particular that I wanted looked at.

While I was there he gave me a good look see and then took biopsies of the two moles. He said they looked ok, but took samples just in case and also per my request.

So here I am. Back again to annoy some and remind others. Please get your annual physical check up appointments made. If you're a male over 40, get that prostate checked once a year! I know you hate the finger, but it's important. If you are female, get your pap done yearly and if you are at the correct age range, get those mammos too! It's also important not to forget your monthly self exams. Do it, it only takes minutes.

Also, try to get to the dermatologist at least once a year. Here's a chart for your viewing pleasure. Remember, when in doubt, get it checked out!

Tomorrow with time permitting I'll be discussing Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Have you heard about it? Seen it? Please see my link on the right for more info and sign the petition!

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