Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shopping for a juice extractor

I purchased 50 pounds of carrots for juicing recently. There was a time when we used to juice carrots, apples and melons quite frequently, almost daily. I wanted to get back into that groove again. We plucked our juicer out of the attic, washed about seven carrots and an apple (enough for about about 16 ounces of juice) and got ready to roll.

I turned on the machine and within seconds an awful grinding sound occurred, children screamed in horror, and I quickly unplugged the juicer. Either I put it together incorrectly (from such a long time of no usage) or it just died on me. I was able to borrow my parent's juicer for now until I can purchase another machine. I've been doing my research because there are plenty of machines out there to choose from. From the ultra expensive to the cheapo. I'm looking for something in between.

I have been making a tall glass of carrot juice each morning for my drive in to work and it's been giving me the energy I need to stay awake for the drive! Most times I'm ready to crawl under my desk when I get in and go back to sleep. Bella also likes to help push those veggies in and watch them turn to juice. Kristjan doesn't know what to think of it all. Just a snap shot of a lovely sunset the other evening at mom and dad's house.
Sorry I have not put any food on here lately. I haven't really made anything "new and exciting" to really blog about. This above is leftovers for lunch packed up and cooling off. Some pork tenderloin, petite peas and my addiction of sweet potato and goat cheese.

Last night while eating this for dinner I had given myself three little slices of pork with the veg. I loved the flavor of the veg so much I put two pieces of pork back and gave myself more peas. I must have made a boring flavored pork because it didn't stand a chance against the veg. We could have done without it.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

meat is like that. sometimes you get a piece of meat and it is just yum. and other times, its "eh."