Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring has sprung....I hope!

We had some time this weekend to get the gardening started along with replanting and trimming. My parents gave us a bottle brush tree and a gardenia that they grew from clippings. We planted both of those along with a blueberry bush Chris purchased. He found the perfect spots for some muscadine and scuppernong grape vines along the back fence line. I believe those growing up the fence will look much better than the drab brown. He loves those grapes and usually purchases them by the carton every year. This way we can grow our own.

Chris's orchids are starting to open up and say hello!
I purchased two tomato plants that were already blooming and growing fruit. I put them in the ground this time. I didn't really have much success with them in the pots last year. I'll be planting some more younger plants soon. Chris and I will be putting together a 4 X 4 raised bed where I will plant the tomatoes along with some green beans or carrots (per Bella's request). We sowed some bell peppers seeds in small containers and purchased some beets seeds to plant. We found a raised bed kit that we will be getting soon. I was wanting a 4 x 8 but we realized the price for the soil needed would be too expensive. We can handle the 4 X 4 and then perhaps be able to save to build another next year.

I also planted one eggplant in a pot and then a pot with arugula seeds and another with more basil seeds. I want to make sure I have plenty of basil this summer. Pesto, pesto pesto!!!

I noticed under the kids play set a 4 X 4 area surrounded by wood in the shade. I threw some soil and compost under there and threw down some more arugula seed and lettuce seed just to see if I can use that spot too.

Bella had the gardening bug too. She used some of her money to get some flowers and a little butterfly to keep them company. She wanted them in the garden to make it pretty.
One pot with small basil plants. I hope my seeds sprout! I also hope we don't get any more frosts or freezes. Tomatoes and basil don't dig that kind of temperature!

I'm very excited this year. With the installment of a raised bed (maybe 2 if my play set area works out) I'll be able to yield more this year than just a tomato or pepper here and there. I need all the help I can get. Produce is so expensive now. I also hate having to pay such high dollars on produce that doesn't even taste good. You can't get a flavorful tomato in the store and just barely at the market. They are always best from home.

The kids had a blast playing and helping outside. A wheel burro full of dirt supplies hours of entertainment along with rocks, small shovels and empty pots. After rolling around outside and helping in the dirt, what would possibly be better than bubble time?!


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Fun! I need to plant some stuff. I killed my original seedlings. :( Maybe this weekend.

Sorry you weren't able to join us this past weekend! Y'all would have had a blast.

Nessa said...

I hope you took plenty of photos! The weather was windy but so nice. I bet you and the girls had a blast!!

Domestic Goddess Designs said...

We did have a blast - check out the blog. I realized that Easter is coming soon - ack! Guess I'll do that shopping with you on Saturday. I'll avoid the colored isle of death.