Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Your body and stress

Yesterday morning I got a call from daycare that Bella had bumped one of her loose teeth and there was blood. They calmed her down and had her wash out her mouth. Four minutes later Bella complained that she didn't feel well and was ghostly white. They sat her down. She then had a seizure lasting about 45 seconds before passing out for 30 seconds.

I took Bella quite a while to snap out of it and become aware of her surroundings.

I picked her up and took her to the pediatrician who after telling her what happened they mentioned that they needed some blood for testing. Just the little prick on the finger where they squeeze a few drops mind you. Luckily Chris was minutes from the doctor's office to meet us because Bella began to stress and hyperventilate thinking about the mentioned need for blood. Chris was able to calm her enough so that we could get those few drops.

We were able to get a same day appointment with a neurologist later in the day. He examined her and found her just fine and suspects that it was an isolated trauma or an anxiety induced seizure.

She worked herself up - ready to pass out so much that more than a normal amount of blood left the brain (as blood does before you faint) and she seized prior to passing out. She'll be getting an EEG soon just to make sure.

We learned that when Bella turns white after the sight of blood or any trauma due her, lay her down immediately.

You know, it's amazing how stress affects the body. Not just physical stress, which is more apparent. I mean, you break your leg, you know why you can't use it and why it hurts. But stress causes so many issues to the body. Just like Bella and her blood sightings. She gets so worked up with worry that her body responds. Emotional stress can cause from mild to extreme changes in the body. From headaches, to stomach aches all the way to ulcers and heart arrhythmias.

I've experienced anxiety attacks. Which for me was numb, cold and sweaty hands, tight chest, rapid heart rate and dizziness. I had times thinking I was going to just fall over and die when it was just anxiety causing my body to react. My best defense is staying away from caffeine, not drinking too much and exercise. It's the exercise part I need to work on. Oh, and not letting shit get to me might help too!

So as I grow more grays from yesterday's experience, I am again thankful that my Bella is OK and will make sure we get her all checked out just to be sure. I hope that she can slowly develop the confidence not to fear that little loss of blood that life causes from time to time.

Life's full of boo boos and kisses. Let's all just stop stressing about it and enjoy the kisses.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

i am glad she is okay. that is very scary.