Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter weekend

For the first time in years I actually go Good Friday off. It was nice to have another three day weekend to enjoy. Well, I really didn't get to "enjoy" Friday that much because a cold grabbed hold of me and I wasn't feeling that great. I didn't get to any of the projects I wanted to tackle. It's either a cold or the pollen from all the oak trees down here.

The kids had a fun weekend. The kids received some beautiful baskets from Grandma and Grandpa to enjoy. We attended a small party for a neighbor that is on short leave from Iraq. The kids got to play, hunt for eggs and even do a little water play. Sunday the Easter bunny came and hid their baskets. Then Nanna and Nannu came over for dinner and brought them baskets with more treats and fun to enjoy.

Dude! I want to be a kid again.
Nanna and little Kris cooling off their feet. The kids just can't wait to get in that pool. It's still a chilly 69 degrees. Too cold for me, way to cold for the little ones. I think by the end of this month, we may be able to get in, all depends on the weather.
Bella enjoying painting her garden gnome that was in her Sunday Easter Basket. She was getting him all ready to place near her peas to protect them from those pesky squirrels.
There he is. Beat it squirrels!
My pretty Bella.
Nannu grilling up the Cornish game hens for Easter dinner. There's something about the smell of grilled meat that really gets my stomach rumbling.
Now here's the classic "I'm 2 and it's way past my nap time, and I think I'll be miserable" look. And indeed it was my friends. He didn't want to go down. When he did, it was only for about twenty minutes. At least he fell asleep early for bed that night.

Oh yeah, I haven't forgotten. I'm still going to post about the Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. Perhaps all the build up with get you really interested. I actually need to see the recent episode that I missed due to household chaos. Not a problem though, Chris has his magic way of finding those things for me to watch later and without commercial breaks!

Food?! What food? I'll get crackin on getting more recipes on here too.

I hope all of you had a nice Easter, and many more to enjoy with your families.

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fyi - i watched an episode of food revolution.