Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My brewmaster is back

Finally it warmed up enough for some brewing! He is gearing up and creating some delights for summer sipping. To start things off we made a 10 gallon batch of wheat beer which is the perfect summer beer. I'm hoping he will make some IPA for his next batch.
Both resting a bit before the yeast it added.
Chris adding in the yeast and giving them a little shake.
This is his copper immersion chiller. He uses a pump within a bucket of ice water. The chiller is immersed into the kettle and then the chilled water is pumped through the coils to cool the brew. The temperature must be cooled before you can add the yeast.
The kettle, made from a beer keg with the top cut out with a temperature gauge and hose attached.

Now the wait. The carboys are in the frig fermenting, then after this week he will bottle. About two weeks later we will give them a taste but probably won't be ready to pour for about another five weeks.