Wednesday, April 14, 2010

USA article on tainted U.S. beef

I posted a link to this article for all my facebook pals and thought I would share it here as well. It has me all fired up, so why not?

If you can take a moment, please read the article in USA Today online called "Growing concern over marketing tainted beef" . I feel it's important we inform ourselves of what is sitting on your plate and where it came from. There is beef in this country that contains pesticides, antibiotics, metals, E. coli, salmonella and other contaminants that is being sold to the public. Since no limits have been set by the FDA for the contaminants or routine adequate testing performed, harmful meats are being sold to consumers.

Here's a disturbing quote from the article: "Even when the inspection service does identify a lot of beef with high levels of pesticide or antibiotics, it often is powerless to stop the distribution of that meat because there is no legal limit for those contaminants."

Our bordering country of Mexico even banned the shipment of our beef due to the high level of contaminants. That's embarrassing folks. Mexico is not the only country that will not take our beef. Most European countries won't take it either. What does that tell you?

Contaminants also come from the water the cows are drinking that contains crop runoff (pesticides). The pesticides, antibiotics and other chemicals within the cow also transfer into the milk too. They found that veal calves have higher levels of antibiotics passed on from their mothers.

Am I the only one disgusted here? Please read the article and others like it. It's not cool to be eating food laden with contaminants no matter how good that steak or hamburger tastes or if society and culture has taught you to eat beef several times a week. Also, just because it's sold at your grocery store, from a brand you've eaten for years, doesn't make it safe.

It's a common sense thing to me. Having a meal with standard U.S. beef is like having a bowl of RoundUp weed killer with copper shavings on top, some E. coli and salmonella pie accompanied by an antibiotic and hormone added milkshake.

Would you eat that? You are if you're eating standard U.S. beef.


Best Wishes, Marie said...

it is crazy.

Lisa Loria said...

I like you blog. I also am a Mom and avid cook. In light on this most recent article about Beef. have you seen the Movie Food, Inc? You really should if you haven't.
Has changed everything I thought about food production in the US.

Nessa said...

Marie, It is so crazy.

Lisa, thanks for reading! Yes I have seen Food, Inc. I am a big fan of Michael Pollan and Eric Schlosser and all the work they have done. Great movie, wish everyone would watch it!