Wednesday, May 12, 2010

First attempt at tempeh

I regret and have to apologize for such the delay. April and May are a very busy time at our home. Many birthdays, an anniversary and work has gotten its hold on me again. Which leaves me little time for my wonderful and therapeutic blog. If I were a more organized soul, I would have blogged about the birthdays and anniversary! Maybe next year.

About a week ago I finally made a dish with some tempeh I had. I was nervous, but followed some key instruction and a little more of cooking sense and it turned out very good.

I created a toss about of sorts as I always do, but instead of adding chicken, sausage or other animal protein, I added the tempeh. To our surprise the tempeh had a lovely flavor and a great meaty and hearty texture to it. A texture that lacks when using a firm tofu.

I love tofu, but prefer it in soups when keeping its soft texture. Otherwise I like it breaded or baked to give it some heartier mouth feel. The tempeh has plenty of texture and can withstand being tossed about with veg.

So with the tempeh I cut it into large cubes and in a bowl marinated it with some soy sauce, salt, pepper, crushed red pepper and some teriyaki sauce. I let it marinade for about 20 minutes tossing while I chopped the veg.

In a pan I seared some onion, garlic and pepper until wilted then added some halved Brussel sprouts and tossed until they began to develop some brown spots. I then added the tempeh and tossed some more before adding some veg broth and let simmer a few minutes. During this process I boiled up some macaroni and strained them. I tossed the macaroni in with the veg mixture and served hot.

I'll be using and making tempeh again. It was a nice surprise.

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