Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Playing with pesto

I'm not a really big fan of the intense heat of the Florida weather. I am thankful each day that we have a pool to cool off in when outside. It's already blazing hot out and it's not even July yet.

There is one thing I look forward to when the weather warms and that's growing the basil again. The more basil I have (or given to me from dad's - thanks dad!), the more pesto I make! This is a pesto loving establishment for sure. Some of our favorites include stuffed peppers, pesto tossed with wheat pasta and shrimp, pesto garlic bread, pesto over salmon, etc. Or just simply pesto spread on a good cracker! It's all good.

The other night I made a batch of pesto from basil that dad gave me. My basil is slowly getting long enough to use and I need to grow more to keep up with demand.
In my skillet I seared up a sliced red bell pepper and some asparagus until just tender. I don't like to over cook my asparagus. There has to still be some crunch to it. During this time I had my wheat fettuccine boiling away.
Some frozen petite peas thawed and ready.
Prepared pesto with basil, parmesan cheese, garlic, olive oil and roasted almonds. I didn't have any pine nuts handy, so I used almonds. I believe most nuts will generally work for pesto for the exception of peanuts.
Before draining my pasta water I saved a about a cup worth to the side. I tossed together the pasta, pesto, peas, asparagus and peppers while adding the water a little bit at a time until I got the right consistency I was looking for. Very simple, very fresh and full of flavor.

Did I happen to say that I love pesto?


Best Wishes, Marie said...

where have you been. so nice to see a post. i love pesto also.

i can also vouch for a cilantro pesto.

i agree the garden basil is so nice. caprese salads !! caprese sandwiches. ummmm ummmmmm ummmmmm.

Nessa said...

April and May are so busy. There are many birthdays this month, people coming to visit etc. I get totally out of the groove!

You know! I'll have to make some caprese! Yum! I will try some cilantro pesto. I've made a chimichuri with it with fish and I love that so much.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

hi nessa,

the cilantro pesto is great with grilled steak ("carne asada"), go heavy on lime or lemon juice.

also, there is a place near my house that serve a caprese sandwich on facacia. i have made it at home. one great big sandwich and sliced it up. with a balsamic dipping sauce. simple, but full of flavor.

have a great day !!