Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Where am I?

Holy mackerel Bat Man! I have been without a post here for over a month. Most of you may have dropped me by now and moved on to other more reliable blogs. If so, I'll miss you. If you hung in there, I still miss you. That is absolutely ridiculous and I apologize to all for the suspension. I hate to say this yet again, but my work and daily riff raff has taken me away from my beloved blog yet again. Finding the time and energy to update and post has been almost impossible it seems. I mean, you can tell right, it's been over a month!

Let's just say that I'm thankful for the job security I have right now in this down economy. I'm not too pleased with my work load however. I hope to some day be compensated for doing the job of three and a half people. It would be nice if I got paid three and a half salaries. Dude, that would rock! Let me pinch myself now and come back down to reality.

Other than my work load, I have been busy at home. The last month of school was full of homework, test preps, then the months of April, May and June there seemed to be endless birthdays, Mother's Day and Father's Day. All things I should have blogged about, but I didn't find the time.

I still love to cook and I still love to write. I'm back on here trying to get my feet back on my sanity schedule. Besides, I'm sure you're wanting to see what my kiddos have been up to. I'll get them on here soon.

Meanwhile, I have a couple of yummy entrees here. First I have my first attempt at a red curry sauce with veg over rice. I used the whole bottle of red curry with some coconut milk and some sauteed veg. The sauce I had gotten seemed too weak for me to just use the recommended tablespoon. I used the whole jar! It was the Williams Sonoma brand at twelve bucks! I found a more reasonable brand at a much cheaper price to use next time.
It was really delicious.
Some of my garden tomatoes with goat cheese, basil, salt, pepper and olive oil. Nothing beats home grown tomatoes.
Our latest project was removing the crappy light cheapo carpet and putting down the laminate flooring. The kids love it and we love it to. Looks so much better, easier to keep clean and I'm sure better on the allergies. The kid's rooms will keep their carpet and we will change out our bedroom when we pay this project off.

Again, many apologies for the delay. I'll be getting more pictures on here very soon. Also some pictures from a club I'm in called the Facebook Foodie Club. We're having such a blast!


Best Wishes, Marie said...

glad that all is well. would love to have some comments from you again on my blog. best wishes, marie

Best Wishes, Marie said...

cookbook giveaway. spread the word, please.