Monday, August 16, 2010

Back to school

I'm trying to remember. Was I excited about the new school year when it came around? I think that's a yes and no answer. I remember being excited about going into middle school because I was going to be hanging with the older kids. Then when it was the first year of Junior high, I remember getting sick the first day because I was so nervous.

I was a different little girl in comparison to my Bella. I was shy and nervous. Bella; while a little shy when put on the spot, has never met a stranger. When I am with her at school, kids and teachers from all directions are saying "Hi Bella!". It also happens at the grocery store and mall. I'm always amazed at all the people she knows.

She was very exited about school this year and loves her new teacher. This was the first year she wanted to pick out her own clothes. It was all about the peace sign and Paris this year. I was happy that Old Navy and other stores had great sales on such items.
She got her clothes ready for her first day.
She also picked out her back pack this year. All packed and ready to go.
And he's out again. Kris helped us gather all the school supplies for the big day. He did a little swimming and played all day with the train set. At least we know he got enough sleep before the big day!

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