Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Channeling a little Jamie

Technology is good. I have to say I love my DVR cable box. I can't sit and watch the television whenever it fits my fancy and most of the shows I love aren't on when I am home. I can record them and save them to watch them later. I have the ability to record a series so that I'll never miss recording an episode. I'm referring to the "Jamie at Home" series on the cooking channel. I love watching him create easy and fresh recipes from his garden. Can I be your neighbor?

One of his favorite tools in the kitchen are his hands. They do many different things and happen to be free! I needed a light meal and thought Caprese would be just the ticket. I also wanted to make it the Jamie way. By using my hands to help this time.

I had two pints of grape tomatoes that I washed and cut in half, then half again. In a large bowl I put in all my chopped tomatoes, salt, pepper, pinch of cayenne and some olive oil. With my hands I dug in there and squished the tomatoes between my fingers to loosen the juices up and to tenderize them will mixing in those flavors I added. I gave it a taste and was ready to eat it right then! Where's the bread?

I cooked up some pasta and drained , saved some pasta water and set aside.
In the tomato mixture I added a large bunch of chopped basil and some chopped buffalo mozzarella.
I added the pasta then tossed well while adding more extra virgin olive oil, good balsamic vinegar and pasta water until I got the flavor and texture I was looking for. Man it was good! One of my favorites and so easy to pull off.

If make this and have leftovers, make sure to take it from the frig and let it warm and loosen up some before eating it.

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