Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Explosive flavor

A few weeks ago we attended our foodie dinner and the theme was soul food. Our friend Joe brought in red beans and rice. It was fantastic, my favorite entry. I had to have the recipe from him. Sunday I made it happen. With just a little difference. He used andouille sausage, I used Portuguese Chorizo. I couldn't find any fresh andouille.
First I browned the chorizo in a pan. I cut them in large enough pieces so that upon eating the dish, one could remove them if they didn't want to eat them.
The trilogy all chopped.
In the mortal and pestle a whole garlic bulb with some gray salt.
Worked until almost a paste.
Once the trilogy had cooked in some olive oil until the onions were translucent, I made a well in the center and added the garlic paste. Cooked quickly in the oil, then deglazed with some good dark beer.
I then added the red beans that had soaked overnight, the sausage, cumin, pepper and some stock. Put in a preheated 325 degree oven and cooked slowly all day. **Make sure to put in plenty of stock. Double the amount than what you have in bean mixture. I checked mine after a couple of hours and had to add more liquid as it had reduced more than half!
Look at that! This is after about 5 hours in the oven. I added a large amount of chopped parsley before I served. Believe it or not, my Dutch oven cleaned up lickety split. I used my beloved Le Creuset Dutch oven. I have three in my collection so far, all given as gifts. They are well made, can handle the heat and clean up so easily. They are worth their weight in pure gold and should last me a life time.
The flavors in this dish were amazing. I served over Basmati rice. I'll make it again with the andouille next time to see how that goes and remember to add more stock in the beginning.


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Dear lord that looks good. Hmmm....I bet I can make that with some chicken sausage. Off to add that to my menu for next week!

Nessa said...

It was really tasty. It will be great with your chicken sausage!