Sunday, August 8, 2010

My new favorite sandwich

Time has not been my best friend so I haven't been baking bread as often as I would like. I still love bread and in my little world, it's the bread that makes the sandwich. Those loaves of sliced bread in the "bread aisle" aren't in my mind good at all. The kids love it, I think they stink.

I like bread with hearty crusts and prefer a sourdough flavor. I really love breads that have large holes and light on the inside. My favorite place to get great bread in my neck of the woods (which really is actually about 30 minutes away as most in my neck of the woods prefer "Wonder Bread") is Target. Yes, I said Target.

Their French baguettes totally rock. Long with a hard crust and soft airy interior and I love their large Ciabatta loaves. There's nothing like them anywhere near us.
My new obsession on saving time and money is my giant ciabatta sandwich. It changes each time. This one had pesto smeared on each side, goat cheese, tomatoes, sliced onion, lots of arugula and grilled chicken. This one sandwich makes enough for dinner and lunch the next day.

This past week Ninnie and Emily came to visit for a few days. Mama Ruby turned 103 this year. The kids also had fun playing in the pool in between rain storms.
Kris playing with his whales in the pool.
Bella and Emily. They both love being with each other. Someday I hope they can be closer so they can grow up together.

It's already after 5pm on Sunday now and I'm dreading my day of work tomorrow. I guess I'll get up now and begin preparing dinner. That will bring my spirits up for a while.

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milk tea + polkadots said...

That looks delicious! I was looking for ideas for dinner tonight. I'm gonna have to head over to Target today. Thanks for stopping by my blog!