Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Three steps, maybe four

While I'm at work, I tend to listen to the Martha Stewart channel on Sirius radio online. Yes, I'm a nerd. I do listen to music every now and then, just depends on the mood. Usually though, I would rather listen to topics on food, gardening and home keeping while I work. Keeps my spirits up.

There's also this cheerful little career coach that has a small show on Martha's channel. Her name is Maggie Mistal and she's very upbeat and positive about how the importance in your career is not the financial destination, but achievement of inner happiness. She says that continuing to work somewhere just to make ends meet without feeling that sense of personal fulfillment is a waste of precious time in life. She claims that even in this rough economy, change can happen if you really want it.

She's so right. I know she is. I've known that all along. Yet, what am doing?

I am thankful to have a job. I really am. But I'm stuck in a square office without windows under bright fluorescent lights for 9 hours a day plugging away on subject matter that means absolutely nothing to me personally. Don't get me wrong, I do my best to do good work - always, but I'm only here for the money to survive. Period. I shutter at the thought of doing this forever until retirement. I have co-workers much older than me, unhappy and trapped. I can't let this be my fate.

Why am I stuck here? Because I'm scared. What if I take a risk and it ends up going horribly wrong?

Maggie says in order for the plan to work you must: "Soul search, research, then job search." In that order. I'm in the infant stages of soul search right now and I'm not finding it very easy. I can't just pin any of my dreams, passions and inspirations down to one thing yet. I'm all over the place. That honestly scares me too. Why can't I just find "it" and say "Yes, I love making or doing __________!" I love a lot of things, one in particular hasn't hit me like a Mack truck yet and said to me "This is your calling girl!"

I have been waiting for a sign, or a nudge or something. Perhaps I'm not seeing them and they are all right in front of me. Maybe instead of me telling America to take their blinders off, I should give it a try myself.

I'm working on my soul search list where I'm writing down the things that I enjoy, people I admire and feelings I get with them. Hopefully I can find my answer and be able to move on to the research stage.

For all of this to work I'm guessing somewhere in between soul search, research and job search I'll have to do a fear search and give it a swift kick in the ass.


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

What if you take a risk, and it goes fantastically right?

Nessa said...

That is what I am praying for. I wonder if I should post my soul search list. Perhaps others may see things in me that I can't see.

Thank you for always being my optimistic mama. If you don't mind, I'd like to use your comment. It's very inspiring.

Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Use it. :) I've taken so many risks in my life. Some have bombed, some have been beyond what I hoped for. Everything always works itself out in the end.

Post your list, I'd love to read it.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

all looks great. i just did a quick skim. i will get caught up later. i was in nayarit mexico, north of puerto vallarta.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i do want to say, that i think it is a luxery to be able to explore and find what you really want. it involves some waste. wasting time, money (buying and trying) and it is not something everyone can do .... i wish it were not so.

maybe the exploring is a different are, not one that is tied to your finances...... like exercise or yoga/ meditation .....

you are doing great.

Maggie Mistal said...

Glad to know I'm cheerful but "little and small show" - sounds like I need to kick my own career into gear Nessa. You did know that CNN called me one of the nation's best known career coaches. :)

Anyway, this isn't about me. I'm glad you tune into my weekly national show and have started your own Soul Search. I'm sorry to hear you haven't found your answer just yet but you don't have to go it alone. This is why career coaches like me exist -b/c it's hard to figure it all out by yourself.

I'm not pushing my services though I do one-on-one coaching I just want you and the other commenters to know that it only seems hard when you don't have a proven process to getting to an answer. I spent 9 one hour sessions with my clients over a few months to take them successfully through SS, RS and JS. There's no need to struggle if you really don't like your job. It takes investing in yourself and your future.
Had to weigh in when you came up on my google alert - hope you don't mind!

bridget said...

hi van, was really touched by your post. we went through the same thing this year. It's not easy to follow your dream but u can. Kris is doing it - he will contact u shortly to tell you. as you said - the answer could be right under your nose :)

Not an easy step but its essential to keep on feeling alive.

take care sweet :) xxx

Nessa said...


It was a big surprise to see that you had read my post! You are a special inspiration to me, please don't take my little and small show comment the wrong way. You have become a great success! :)

Thank you for your advice. I really wish I were closer to you. Listening to your show has been a great help and I will visit your site to see what maybe more I can do.

Thank you again!