Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Use it up!

I can't stand tossing food in the trash. It's money being thrown away. I constantly have to remind myself to explore my frig every night to make sure there's nothing hidden that I can't see. There have been too many times food has expired or gone bad because we didn't see it or remember it was there.

This meal was an example of saving some potentially lost food souls. It was time to use it up! I had two tins of sliced button mushrooms needing attention, my arugula was getting limp and starting to yellow and my cherry tomatoes were giving me dirty looks on the counter. Oh, and the summer squash was threatening to get violent.

My aunt Vivian and mom used to make this wonderful creamy parsley and mushroom dish for me. I decided to go that route with my mushrooms with a little twist.

I sauteed my mushrooms with a little olive oil until most of the liquid was out, then added some chopped garlic. After about 5 minutes I added some fresh chopped parsley, salt, pepper and some almond milk and simmered until reduced a bit. Once the sauce had thickened I added my arugula and tossed until wilted. It turned out very yummy indeed.

For my rebellious tomatoes and squash I had something else in mind. I turned my oven to 450 and in a large bowl, I added my whole cherry tomatoes, one red onion sliced in quarters, salt, pepper and olive oil and tossed. I threw those in a large baking dish and roasted until the tomatoes had a little brown on top. Then I tossed in the summer squash and cooked about 10 minutes more.

Served the roasted veg with a little sauce over some jasmine rice. It was a light and great meal and I didn't have to throw any money away.

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