Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What if you take a risk, and it goes fantastically right?

That is what one of my dear friends Janet said in response to my post "Three steps, maybe four" when in my post I asked myself; "What if I take a risk and it ends up going horribly wrong?"

I asked if perhaps I should display my soul search list so far and see if I'm missing anything that perhaps others see in me, that I don't see. She thought it was a great idea. So here is what I have so far. Sorry if it seems a bit corny or long. If you just want to check out my next food dishes, just skip this post!

Interests and Why:

Taking care of my family - I love to take care of my children's and husband's needs and loving them with all my heart.

Cooking - I can be creative, express myself, please others, I love food, brings people together, nourishes the body, it makes me happy and relieves stress. What I am going to make for the next meal is always on my mind. Cooking is always in my thoughts.

My blog and writing - I can be creative, express myself, inform others and learn along the way. I have become fond of expressing myself through my writing. I love to research my topics, search for recipes, learn about food, health issues, chefs, etc. I would live in my blog if I could. I would love to be a free lance writer or be employed and write articles on topics for others.

Jamie Oliver - He's a chef, he's real and cooks food as I like to cook and as I like to learn to cook. Simple, no frills, real food. I am inspired by his free will and spirit, is craft, his generosity and his passion for food.

Foods and traditions - I love to learn about other cultures and their foods. I love to try out recipes from all over the globe and broaden my pallet.

All things Martha Stewart and her shows - I love to listen to topics about food, gardening, whole living and other topics. I am always listening and learning.

Nutrition and health - I like to know what I am putting in my body. Learning about the chemicals being manufactured and labeled as food has really started a fire in me. I am always on the hunt for new information on what hides behind the labels, how food affects the body, good and bad. How to make food that does not come from a box, bag or can. Teaching my children about food

Giving when I can - I love to give by cooking for others. If they love my food, it makes me very happy. I like to donate healthy food to the school for the children every week, helping others when they need help. It feels good.

Home keeping - keeping the house in order and organized (when I can!) calms me and makes me feel safe that I can find what I need and know what I have.

Home decor - I am always in search of ways to make our house more of a home. I am constantly inspired by magazines and other homes with their ideas and uses of art and decor for the home. Anything to make it feel warm and cozy.

Good wine and good beer - along with good food, I love to taste good red wine with food and enjoy the many flavors of good brewed beer. When the children are older, I would love to help Chris brew and learn the craft.

Art - I love all forms of art and love to create. To me it's a monumental form of expression that can't be said to be wrong. It's from the heart and soul and available for others to enjoy or even hate.

Photography - I fell in love with photography when I gave Chris his nice digital camera. I use it most of the time and I love being able to catch life forever in moments. Sometimes even getting it so right that it's beautiful.

Food origins and animal welfare - I love to dig and learn more about the horrors of factory farming, it's toll on the planet, it's toll on our health and the animals' welfare as well as knowing where our food comes from, how it's processed and what to avoid.

Fashion - I love fashion. Can't afford it really, but I love to appreciate it as art. If I had movie star money, I would have a ball dressing it up! I admire and love to see what others have created from their minds and sewing machines. The clothes, the bags, and other crafts. It's a beautiful form of expression capable of making people smile.

So there you have it. That is what I have so far. The purpose behind all of this is to help me find the right path to take on my adventure. What do you think?

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