Monday, October 4, 2010

A little cooking

I really didn't make anything new and wondrous in September really. I had a medical issue come up mid month which resulted in me having to live off of broth for a while. I'm still taking it easy. I was making food for the crew and soup for myself. A lot of chicken salad, sandwiches and pasta for them.

I had a morning where for almost 4 hours straight I experienced great pain in my right side below my rib cage which also hurt in my back. I attempted to see my doctor but instead went to the ER. Of course, by the time I make it to the hospital, my pain had mostly subsided. After blood testing and ultrasounds they found nothing wrong with my gall bladder, but did find I had acute pancreatitis. Not dangerously high, but above normal on the "normal scale."

I was instructed to omit the booze, any soda, any spices and just hang with broth for a while to rest my system. After seeing my main doctor, more blood tests and more ultrasounds, I still have my little pancreas enzyme issue, but all organs look fine. I am now scheduled to visit a gastroenterologist this Friday for further checking.

I was allowed to slowly get back to my normal diet (within reason) and I was allowed a little wine here and there. I've since been a bit gun shy for another "attack" and have cut my portions way down and even still just have a little broth for meals every now and then.

It's been scary. Only good part is I've lost some weight! One of my favorites. Roasted cauliflower. I should have let them cook a bit more. I love the charred bits.
To accompany my sweet cauliflower I made a very flavorful dish from Martha's site called Cinnamon-Spiced Moroccan Chicken. Very easy and very tasty.

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