Friday, October 22, 2010

Sticking to my guns

I've grown very aware that I really dislike having to repeat myself. Not because the person honestly doesn't hear or understand me, but because they just aren't listening or even care to bother. Seriously; I mean, my blood pressure rises sometimes and I can feel it happening.

I am referring to my beautiful children. One in particular. She's eight, has a mouth of a 12 year old, can have the laziness of a teen (I suppose they're lazy as that's the biggest complaint I hear), and the maturity at times matching her 2 year old brother.

I can't pin all of the blame on her as I do realize I have performed as the overly pampering Latin type of mother all these years. Tending to her every need making sure she is happy and comfortable. For me it's a combination of my OCD on neatness, always being pressed for time and then my lack of self discipline. For that I mean, sticking to my guns.

We are having listening and comprehension issues, laziness, whining, crying, you name it. Could be a phase and I know I'm supposed to pick my battles, but being such a control freak I find it hard sometimes.

I knew things had to change when the other day, I overheard Bella speaking with Chris. I was in my bedroom getting ready but could hear their conversation in her room over Kristjan's baby monitor. We were getting ready to go out for breakfast and I asked her to please get dressed...several times.

When Chris asked her why she hadn't gotten dressed, she answered: "Well, mommy didn't lay out any clothes for me." The light bulb in my tiny little head popped...along with a blood vessel.

It was time for a change. A time for them to learn to earn, learn to listen and learn to take care of themselves. A time for me practice more self discipline.

Seems my kiddos absolutely love their television. Bella also loving her Wii and DS. If I was going to have to make the change, I would have to use these tools to get it done. I don't want my kids growing up feeling entitled to all for nothing because mommy did everything for them.

So tomorrow our household will be implementing the good old fashion chore chart! Here's where my sticking to my guns plays in. I have Chris on board of course.

On Bella's chart she has the choice of earning television / gaming time or cash.
I had to make the little man a chore chart too. His of course is easier, but I think with my help he can handle them. He needs to earn his television time too.

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Domestic Goddess Designs said...

"Mommy didn't lay out any clothes for me." Bwa ha ha ha ha. I think I just snorted. OMG. Send her here for a week; she'll be begging to go back home in an hour (and my girls may want to come right along with her!)