Monday, October 4, 2010

Taking in the new weather

Ah, it's nice to be able to hang outside without your undies becoming drenched and sticking, your makeup melting off and your white shirt becoming see through from all the raging heat. We are like a bunch of jail mates finally able to play in the court yard. Let this cooler weather hang on. Please!
My cute little man exploring.
Hey! Where are your shoes dad?
Thought this little guy was pretty. They are very cool looking.
This summer has been riddled with wasps. They are nesting everywhere. You knock down the nest, the next day they are back. We all have to be very careful because if there is a safe spot, they have built a nest. Here's one in the corner by the back door. Notice how all of them are looking right at me. Like they are saying "Bring it on!"

Hmm, we'll take care of you guys. Can't have you nesting everywhere while the kids romp around.

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