Thursday, October 14, 2010


After seeing the gastroenterologist I found out what my problem was. Acute Pancreatitis. Pancreatitis is usually caused from either gall stones or alcohol. I don't have any gall stones.

So I am to not have any of the drinky drinky for three months. Not a drop. During that time my pancreas should heal. After that time I am allowed that occasional glass or two of red wine with a nice meal on the weekend or that occasional beer or two on a Saturday night. The everyday glass of red wine or home brew is no more. I was told that lifestyle was now a thing of the past for me. My pancreas can no longer process such requests.

I now also know why I was so bloated and miserable. When the pancreas is ticked off and inflamed it doesn't process lactose very well.

I am six days without any funny stuff and I already feel better. The pains under my rib cage are gone and I almost feel normal again in the tum tum. Every day I feel better. I have to say that I'm not miserable or sad about the new rules. Being healthy so I can hang out here on this funny planet and with my family as long as I can is far more important than a pint or two of brew. It's been a vivid wake up call for my ass. That's an organ I have to have. I was blessed that it warned me to chill out. I better take care of it!

Now Chris has a designated driver for all of the holiday festivities this year. My 20 year high school reunion this weekend, Halloween parties, Thanksgiving and Christmas. My doctor told me that I may be one of the only people being told they CAN start drinking again on New Year's. Very moderately of course!

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

dear heavens. i am glad you are ok. we just got back from vacation. will try and read all your post soon.