Monday, October 4, 2010


Our weather these past few days has finally become less humid and cooler. It's such a delight after a summer of insane heat. I love what little fall we get and I definitely love the cooler weather. We may not be able to swim anymore, but I love the clean crisp air, opening the windows at home and being able to bundle up.

We decided to take a little road trip this Saturday with the kids. First we stopped by the Vegfest downtown. There were natural food and craft vendors, music, food, artists, animal adoptions and lots of animals running around.
Bella got her first face painting done. The artist was surprised when Bella asked for black and white, but then seem inspired as she added glittered frosting on the eye brows, in her hair and gave her some bright pink lips to finish. A pretty view of the University across the way from the festival.

After the festival we drove around a bit and did some exploring. We visited a friend's garden shop where they have a lot of exotic plants then went by Whole Foods. I love Whole Foods. It's not near the house at all and since we were so close, we had to stop by and pick up those items we love and just can't get anywhere else.

Their red quinoa, their awesome chicken, feta and spinach sausage, French lentils, aged Parmesan and their rocket. The rocket I get at the grocery store doesn't have the robust flavor as the organic. I absolutely love it.

After a lovely day out we came home and fired up the grill. The kids played outside while we grilled up some zuchinni, oranges, red bell peppers and those kick ass sausages. I tossed my rocket with some orange juice, salt, pepper and a little olive oil and covered the plates, then topped with grilled goodies and some Parmesan. Yummo with a glass of red wine.

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