Monday, January 10, 2011

Catching up to do

Where do I begin here? We left off right after Halloween didn't we? At work, things got busy. We had a move Thanksgiving weekend, business picked up and a lot of changes occurred. I was a busy bee. With me going to Tennessee for Thanksgiving - during the office move, it made it even that much more fun.

I prepped all month for the trip as well as Kristjan's birthday being right after. We had a wonderful visit from Grandpa and Grandma for his birthday where we visited the aquarium and Bella got to see a ship set out to sea.

I also got sucked into the teen vampire world that I never in my wildest dreams thought I would even consider. I have since read all four Twilight saga books at least twice, the movies, you name it. Sad, I know. Thirty eight years old and crazy for a vampire named Edward.

Good thing that came out of all that nonsense is that I have been reading like a bandit. I did more reading than writing, obviously. Since then, I have conquered several books. Awesome really. I have found such a love for reading. As long as I'm reading something I'm into, it's hard to get me to stop.

Here is Kristjan opening one of his birthday gifts with adorable excitement. He still loves all animals, especially dinosaurs. Our house is a virtual dino sanctuary. It's nuts. They are literally everywhere. My car, the bathrooms, I find them in my kitchen cupboards, under the furniture, in the name it, there is a T-Rex or Triceratops staring you down somewhere in my house.
Three years old! Can you believe it? My little man is in fact growing up to be a little man. Still as happy and fearless as ever. I finally have another chocolate lover in the house. He loves good dark chocolate, like his mommy.
I had a small bag of seeds with arugula and other assorted greens that I just sprinkled in my basil and tomato pots from the summer and they grew so happily with the best tasting arugula we have had yet. Just cut it along the top and it grows back. Love it!
Here are some beets I planted from seed. The greens became very large and so I pulled them out. My beets were the size of little acorns, but we still ate all of it!
Here I am. Thirty-three pounds lighter since my journey to a healthier me began. I am almost to my goal. Just a few pounds more and I'll be able to fit in those jeans I have been holding on to in my closet for almost twenty years. Thank goodness I kept all of my clothes as I "grew" because I have been fitting back into them verses having to go shopping.

This sobriety has brought me clarity. It has brought me patience, more energy and better health. I have also been more productive, yet still not able to catch up (obviously - by the state of my blog). It has brought me more options. I picked up reading.

My poor little pancreas quit bothering me and my stomach got better. I had my blood checked and everything was fine, even my cholesterol went down thirty points.

I wasn't some kind of drunk always hitting the bottle, but apparently even that glass of wine with dinner every night was enough to drag me down. I thought I needed that glass to take the edge off a hard day at work, or the stress I felt from time to time. It does relax me, but I don't have to have it. I would rather enjoy a good glass with a good meal on a special occasion.

I've since had my wine on New Year's. I was with Chris and some friends of mine. I waited like a loyal soldier just as my doctor said, for New Year's to have anything to drink. I also made sure I had food in my stomach. I then stayed away all week until this past Saturday, where I had a couple of glasses of home brew that Chris had saved for me. All this time, he has still been brewing away. He was nice and saved different varieties just for me before they were all gone.

So now I must balance. I am still a skeptic. I don't want to hurt again, be ill again or gain back the weight. So I resolve to wait until the next weekend, or next special occasion. I might just wait until I see the doctor again to get his formal instructions. If I have to stop completely, I will. If I can have that drink on a Saturday, that's fine too.

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