Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Muscle Man

Kristjan thought it would be fun to stuff his shirt with stuffed toys and pretend to be a muscle man. He kept running up to me saying "Look at my big muscles mommy!". It was the cutest thing.

Update on the health front. I went to the gastroenterologist yesterday for my follow up from October. He was impressed with my weight loss and all of my health dietary changes. I had mentioned that after having more than a couple of drinks (namely New Year's) I experienced pain and discomfort again. He reminded me that my pancreas may not be completely healed and could take up to a year to do so.

I was assured that a glass of wine on the weekend with a good meal would be OK and would not harm me or the progression of healing. He also reminded me that any over use of alcohol or repetitive bouts of drinking could harm it, then me. Warning signs being pain, fever, vomiting etc. He gave me another look of warning. That grave "or else" look. I knew what he was saying and believe me, I won't let that happen.

He will perform an endoscopy on me next week just to have a look see for my peace of mind and for thoroughness on his part.

I'm cool with a glass of wine or home brew on the weekend. I told him I was cool with stopping completely. He assured me I didn't have to. My days of "living it up" are over I suppose and I'm not beat up and crushed about it. Didn't get me very far anyway. Just kept me over weight and hurt my pancreas. I can find plenty of other ways to pass the time.

Like reading, cooking, blogging, family, and maybe if I can get off my ass... Exercising again!

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