Monday, January 10, 2011


I am still rewinding here. Here are some pictures of the children while we were up in beautiful Tennessee for Thanksgiving.
Bella and Emily at the Christmas tree farm. They are so cute together. Bella misses her desperately. I wish we were closer so they could grow up together.
Little Cate, so very cute and bright. She is a helpful little girl, always offering to help you. She is very independent and strong. She will grow up to be someone very special.

Getting ready for the hay ride!

Four little munchkins.
A barely awake Kristjan exploring his gift from Santa Christmas morning. We had to wake him up, and it took a while. He's a night owl, not an early bird. Maybe next year he will be up with Bella at the crack of dawn for Christmas.
Merry Christmas! Bella gave this Santa several hugs. This was the first year she approached him willingly. Kristjan wouldn't go near and I'm not the type of parent that forces her kids to sit and scream on Santa's lap if they don't want to. When they are ready, they will go to him.

I have more pictures to post and more stories to tell. I'll do my best to stay on top of things. It is a new year with many new experiences to face and much learning to gain.

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