Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's

I heard on my way to work a fellow speak of what the day should be. He said that on Valentine's day you should not be expecting anything or anticipating what you will receive. It's a day to think about the love that surrounds you. The love you feel and receive from your partner, your children, your family and your friends. Giving of gifts a gesture of that love.

Hope everyone has a love filled Valentine's Day.
The gift of an orchid from Bella to her daddy has almost become an institution. A couple of weeks ago, her daycare was holding a basket fundraiser. People donated baskets in various themes (the basket we donated was filled with art supplies). Tickets for the baskets are a dollar each with a raffle to pick the winners.

There was a local orchid farm that donated some plants for the raffle. Bella used her own money (plus a little of ours) and purchased one ticket for a basket with a purse she liked and then the rest she used in hopes of winning an orchid for her dad. She must have put at least $10 dollars in towards those orchids. She didn't win a plant, but she did win the purse basket with that one little ticket. The morning they told her she won a basket, she was so disappointed she didn't win a flower for her daddy. She wasn't really excited about the purse anymore, she really want to give him a flower.

I promised we would stay with tradition and we would buy him another orchid for Valentines. She found this cute little miniature plant with a new color he doesn't have yet. He really loved it and she was so happy to give it to him.
This picture was intended to have been colored by Kristjan to daddy. On Kristjan's behalf, Bella was happy to color and sign it for him. Really though, she didn't want to hand dad a picture with any coloring outside of the lines. She wouldn't allow it. Next time, I'll have to sneak away from the coloring police! ;o)

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