Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Meaty little guys

I made my feature recipe of for dinner last night. I prepared this before a few months ago and forgot how much I really enjoyed it. The French lentils have such a meaty flavor and texture that you feel quite satisfied. The accompaniments of tomatoes, scallions, dill, and basil along with the dressing of just olive oil and red wine vinegar make it refreshing and clean. This one's a keeper.
I was recently introduced to the angelic voice of Ray LaMontagne. I've since put all of his albums on my phone for my anywhere, anytime listening pleasure. He's been around for some time, but I'm slow at catching up on "new music" as I don't listen to top 40 or the regular FM radio and have to stumble across these things. Most of it comes from Chris, my Indie music buff. Thanks to Pandora, I have been finding tons of great new music to add to my life. Now that I'm enthralled by Ray's music, I found out he was just recently in town and performed at a small venue. Isn't that just typical.

Where is this? This is where I try and place myself when my environment turns dark. In this place I have most of my favorite things for finding some peace. It's a quiet place, fresh sea air, a table with fresh food, the smell and view of the sea and a hammock for my afternoon nap. Only thing missing from the picture are my kids playing happily and Chris by my side relaxing. I would be more than happy to travel to where ever this is in Italy to make this photo more specific to my visual aide needs.

I seem to have a problem shielding how others' moods affect mine. If I am surrounded by people angry and depressed, always complaining and being cold and difficult, it then affects my mood. My once happy self, morphs into a sad soul wanting to be anywhere but where I am and with people that with happier vibes. I am not speaking of my home life by the way.

So my choices are to surround myself with happier people or become complacent and not worry about it. It's going to have to be the latter of the two for now. Mr. LaMontagne has been helping me along the way.

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