Monday, February 14, 2011

Satisfying a craving

I have been craving cornbread topped with honey for weeks now. I had plenty of corn meal straight from water run mills in Tennessee and for some reason, I don't make corn bread often. Could be the need for vegetable shortening in the recipe, which I don't typically use but very rarely. Regardless, I was past due on corn bread.

It was oh, so good man. This version was very simple and was found on the bag of my Old Mill corn meal. I preheated the oven to 400 degrees, greased my cast iron skillet with some vegetable shortening and put it in the oven to get nice and hot. Meanwhile, in a bowl combined 2 cups Old Mill self rising cornmeal, 1 egg, 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 cups buttermilk and 1/4 cup melted vegetable shortening. Once the oven was ready I poured the mixture in the pan (listened to it sizzle as it began to create that nice bottom crust) and baked for 30 minutes. Poured some honey on top of my slice and ventured into my own little heaven.

I have to keep a little of that shortening on hand, just so on that rare occasion I want to splurge and make something really naughty.

Thank goodness I had previously prepped my carrots for the next couple of days worth of juicing. That should help clean out the old system.

This is has become part of my every-other-day schedule. I juice on average about 7-9 carrots and two apples every morning. You can't eat that much in one sitting to get all those nutrients, but you sure can juice it! I buy a 50 pound bag of organic carrots and 8 pound bag of organic apples every week to support my addiction.

We went by Whole Foods again this Saturday to pick up a couple of staples and also picked up some Washington State apples. Those were the best I have ever had. Just imagine a juicy, sweet apple. Those are not for juicing, they are so delicious that they must be enjoyed as is. I can't wait to get some more of those. I can't believe I am getting all excited over an apple.

This is completely unrelated, but this kind of behavior from me shouldn't surprise you. I had to include it. Kind of like a little comic relief for a Monday. This is us as a family, Bella style. I am looking very motherly and proper while Chris is channeling a little Justin Beiber with his bling bling and "The Man" t-shirt. I really like the detail in the pants and I love how she draws the nose.

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Nessa said...

I'll have to ask her, but it looks like she is standing under a rain cloud. Wonder what that means.