Monday, March 14, 2011

We have an obesity epidemic in America?

No. Not us.

Look! Now we don't even have to exert the energy to walk over to our vehicles to fill up on fast food. They will come to you!
I didn't scan all of the brochure. You can get jumbo combos of breakfast sandwiches, chicken nuggets by the truck load and even better...
They cater! You can feed your entire office or home party delicious sugar, fat and salt filled goodies from your favorite fast food restaurant. Just imagine. All of the Angus burgers and Big Macs you can eat, pile them up any way you want. Instead of eating their prepared fat filled portion, make your own double or triple sized version. This marketing idea will help aid in our growing obesity, diabetes and heart disease problem along with plus sizing their bottom line.

Way to go McDonald's.

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Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Barf. I checked out the website - cause I'm nosy like that. ;) Soooo gross! Platters of chicken nuggets?! They will be keeping the Biggest Loser on TV for many, many years.