Thursday, March 3, 2011

I did it!

I did it! I reached my weight goal and also reached my "skinny jeans" goal. I lost 42 pounds and can fit again in the jeans I wore in Malta in 1992.

It's been an eye opening journey for me. I found myself and lost someone else. That someone that I was, I don't even recognize anymore. She was scared and needed a push to break through, and that warning from the doctor to behave or else, was the push she needed.

So now, after losing four dress sizes it feels nice to be me again. The same me that can again raid my mom's closet! She always has cool stuff to wear. She let me borrow a bunch of skirts, and I love them. Seriously though, it feels so good to be lighter, to fit into clothes and feel that you actually fit into them. The belly isn't trying to escape out the sides and I'm not trying to find the biggest, baggiest thing I can to hide what I felt was unsightly.

Then to notice I take more time to get dressed, to do my hair, even some makeup. To feel good about yourself again. To want to do even better, to do more to aid in how you look and feel. I'm not 20 anymore, but I can better accept what I look like at the doorway to 40 than I did before.

Then to go beyond exterior. Most importantly is how much healthier I feel. Eating better does change your life. You ARE what you eat. It's not just this cliche' saying you've heard a hundred times. It's the real deal folks.

I took away all of America's high concentrate of mechanized sugar and salt and found the strength to control myself. It's that simple really. Remove the soda, juice, fast food, processed food, junk food, restaurant food (chain restaurants) and too much alcohol and you get a human being thriving on whole foods. I was merely surviving before and it feels so much better to thrive.

So now, I start another project. Now that I lost the weight, I need to maintain and tone up! Mom and I started walking again, Chris has been teaching me about hand weights, push ups and crunches and my pal Janet mentioned perhaps a marathon? It would be cool to work hard, and accomplish another goal.

It feels so good when you reach them. ;o)


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Rock on with your bad a$$ self! I'd do a half marathon with you. :) A whole one is nowhere in my future. You look amazing and so very happy. Isn't it great what real food can do for you?! I go nuts at the grocery store now when I see what "food" people are buying.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

i was not up on all my blogs. and i missed this post. super amazing. and ..... wow !!