Monday, March 21, 2011

Persistence may have paid off

We made the mistake of relying on Bella's developmental timing to predict how Kristjan would fare. It took quite a while to get her potty trained and figured it would take just as long or longer (everyone has told me boys are harder to train than girls) for Kristjan. This thinking has so far proven to be inaccurate. Every child progresses differently through life. Kristjan started to walk earlier, he's been adamant about doing things himself (don't even try to help feed him unless he asks) and he also potty trained faster.

Bella was faster in other areas. She's a very cautious being. After a couple of falls when she started trying to walk, she backed off for a while until she felt safer on her feet. Same with the potty. She'll be the one to research before making a decision and be careful. Kris will just dive in.

Bella has been wanting another dog. We thought...well it should take about 4 years for Kris to potty train, that gives us 4 years to save, think about it, try and change her mind, etc. We told her, when Kris is potty trained and we don't have to pay for diapers, swimmies, pull ups or wipes, then we may be able to afford a dog and all of its added weekly expenses. We thought we had plenty of time. No such luck. It's a great thing he's potty trained and I'm so happy with him.

But; at the same time, Bella forgets nothing and now she has Kris helping her on the quest. He too has been asking. With every successful potty experience, we get a "Buy a puppy now?" out of Kris.

We have also been getting envelopes handed to us with family drawings from Bella, reminding us that we need a puppy. She's been wanting a Labrador and continues to push. Her persistence paid off in a big way yesterday.

She expressed how much she wanted a Labrador. Chris's stipulation was a smaller size, non shedding, hypoallergenic dog. She pressed again, with her notes, drawings and pleases until Chris said: "If we get a lab, it would have to be a chocolate lab."

Oh boy. He completely threw out his stipulation and gave her an opening, a big opening for that Labrador. Again, Bella forgets nothing. She now is convinced she will get one and is now looking forward to that "Chocolate" lab someday.

I wonder how this will unfold. So far after doing my research, they are very pricey puppies. Ouch! They are really cute though. Aww...


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

Oh so funny!! We get pictures all the time, too, with a dog in them. Though we really do want to get a lab, or another equally big dog that can run with me. They are even compiling a list of dog names to pick from. They also have a 'dog fund' jar and are saving up to buy things for a dog that we will need. They know we won't get a dog until they have reached a certain monetary amount. ;) Keeps them from constantly asking us.

Nessa said...

That's a good idea! We aren't financially ready for one. Will we ever be? Probably not. Though right now is bad. Especially since the puppies seem to range anywhere from $500 to $3000! I mean really?! I'm not looking for the puppy decendant from some king's dog or winner of the Westminster. Just a Lab puppy please. We thought about adoption but we are afraid to get an older dog that may have bad emotional baggage. Chris's friend from work got a "nice" pup that ended up attacking her in the face!

Let's also include the doggy crate, bedding, food, vet, registration, heart worms etc. OMG! So expensive.

wanda barrett said...

We found our rescue lab on Petfinders for $50 (they only asked for $25 but she was taking care of so many dogs I wanted to pay more). She's been a great dog but she sheds every single second of every day. You will have dog hair everywhere. There are always a bunch of lab mix puppies out there...some of them should shed less than a pure lab. I don't buy the idea that raising a puppy means less likelihood of an unfortunate incident. You really just never know what any dog might do. This is going to sound awful but the bigger the dog, the shorter the life span. If you get a small puppy now for the kids, you could still have an ancient dog long after the kids are off at college.