Monday, March 14, 2011


Last week had its rough spots. A friend's funeral and some long work days. Roland's passing was so very sad but it also brought a lot of people together. I saw friends I had not seen in years and our hugs were long and strong. It was a time to remember, to forgive, to promise to share our lives together and to be thankful.

My mind is spinning, and things are changing. For the good! I'll fill you in later and I promise more food as well. For now, I wanted to share how thankful I am for my little family and that I love them all with everything in my being. They bring me such happiness and love.
My little helper Bella. She's been loving to help out in the kitchen and I adore her. All she wants is to make us happy. She had some tooth fairy money saved up to spend this weekend. She got herself an outfit and then bought Kristjan a toy. She's always so giving.
Wee man! He's a big boy now. No more diapers! He's doing so well and growing way too fast. He's my little romantic. Always good for a long snuggle and every night gives me a kiss, tells me goodnight and tells that he loves me. In between times he's just being a wild and healthy little boy. Fearless with a smile.
My main man. My best friend, the best father and my everything. May our quest for better health allow us to live as long as we can together - healthy and vibrant.

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