Wednesday, March 23, 2011

We know it's spring when

We know it's spring when Chris's orchids start blooming. My camera decided to run out of battery life before I could get shots of all of his flowers. Thanks to Bella, he's acquiring quite a collection of the little beauties.

It's warming up down here. I can already feel an occasional teasing breeze of really warm air when outside warning that another wicked hot summer is to come. I have been loving the cooler mornings and breezy evenings. Please stay as long as you can!

Here is our last pickings from our harvest box from the local organic farm we have been purchasing from lately.

Kale, beets with greens, arugula, spinach,
kohlrabi and romaine lettuce.

Their vegetables are so beautiful! I want to consume them all at once and feel this sense of urgency to eat them as quickly as possible in order to reek the benefits of the freshness. These didn't travel across the country or the world to get here. They came from just a few miles away. Totally awesome!

Tonight we'll make our selection for this week's harvest box. Chris will be picking up right from the farm this Friday. I hope he takes pictures, I have been wanting to see it.

Guess what I'm doing now...

Yup. I joined just recently. I went the Saturday before last when a friend of mine asked if I would meet her there. She has been going in the mornings during the week for some time now. The first visit is free and I figured, what the hell - I'll give it a try. Initially I was very nervous. First of all I didn't have any "gear" in my wardrobe for this kind of thing and second I didn't know if I could make it through an hour of exercise without falling over and needing emergency care.

Well, no one pointed at me while laughing because I arrived in a t-shirt and shorts, I made it through the whole class, it woke my ass up for a Saturday morning and most of all I had a blast! I had so much fun I went again during the week after work, then again Saturday and again this week. They have 6pm classes that I can attend during the week, then Saturday morning. I'll go to as many classes as I can as long as I don't mess up any schedules for others in the family. Meaning Chris or my parents.

I have lost the weight, now I need to maintain it and tone up as well as for cardiovascular health. Maybe this too will help bring down that demon cholesterol of mine that decided to go back up again. Darn you!

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