Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Double take

Thought I would share a quick double take with the kids. Notice I didn't move a muscle!

They are so darn cute. I'm a happy mommy. ;o)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Just the two of us

Chris and I just returned from a few days away alone. We needed some time alone. It had been four years since we had a few days to unwind. It was nice. Nanna and Nannu watched the kids for us and they had a nice trip of their own. They went over to another park where they could see animals, glass bottom boats and enjoy some rides.

Chris and I went alone to Disney. Yes, Disney. The place you normally take your children. We'll be taking the children there soon enough. We wanted to go to the Magic Kingdom and ride all the rides Bella won't and Kris can't. So we did.

We dashed over to the Magic Kingdom early. First ride was Pirates of the Caribbean (our favorite!), then Splash Mountain, Thunder Mountain and Haunted House. Space Mountain was closed. Damn it. After that we were done. It was hotter than hell, too hot to wait in any more lines so we dashed off to Epcot.

We also focused a lot of our time on eating. Eating well. We splurged and misbehaved (vegetarian went out the window) and didn't feel bad about it. I gained two pounds along the way.
I enjoyed some yummy California rolls at Wolfgang Puck's cafe. I could have eaten more.
Chris enjoyed the Chef's Special which had tuna, whitefish, avocado and smoked eel sauce. I tried one....yummy.
I really love all of the tile work at Puck's. The cafe is not priced as high as the upstairs fine dining restaurant.

We did have one evening of decadence. We went to the Animal Kingdom Lodge and ate at a wonderful restaurant there called Jiko. I'll never forget the experience. The way we were treated, the added surprises, the food, the wine. Just lovely.
We both wanted to try new things on this trip. Chris had the duck dish. It was his first time. He loved it.

I also had something new. I had never had beef short ribs before. There were no bones, just the most tender and flavorful thing ever. The port reduction helped too. I really loved the white truffle mashed potatoes that were hidden below. My first time tasting truffle. Now I know why it's so sought after.

A very cool bar at the Animal Kingdom lodge. Dark and mellow, just like we like it. No, that is not Chris sitting there with his high waisted hip sack with black socks and white tennis shoes. Tourist perhaps?

Bloody hot outside! I felt so bad for the little guys being carted around in strollers just baking away in the heat. It's only May! August should be completely unbearable.

View of the Disney Caribbean Resort. We had quite a walk from our room to the food court, large pool and shops, but still nice. I believe next time we'll stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. We fell in love with that place!

My main man relaxing with me while we were resting under the shade at Epcot. One of our favorite places there is the shaded area next to the English pub (The Rose & Crown) where you can enjoy a cold one and relax away from the crowds.

It was nice to spend some time alone with Chris. We even got to watch a movie together! Since it was so hot out we decided to catch the new Pirate movie and hang by the pool after. We couldn't wait to see the kids and even picked them up early from school.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming. Work, managed diet, exercise, school, chores, kids.... ;)

Friday, May 13, 2011

It's all about them

No food for now, just two people I adore. Easter hats! I think I may have applied too much sun screen on the little guy.

I am so happy to have you in my life.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Roland Fundraiser

Last weekend we attended a fundraiser for our late friend Roland's children. The event was held at a local pub with a large outside area. There were four bands with one of them being Roland's favorite 80's cover bands, The American Hot Rods. I thought I would share some of the fun and craziness from the night. It was supposed to be an 80's theme, though only a few dressed up.

Chris made two kegs of California Common home brew for the cause. Each beer sold at $4.00 each. All proceeds went to the children. Here we are at work! I love the hanging bras from the ceiling, don't you? No, I did not make a bra donation.


List of items for the cause. There were also higher end donations up for auction.

The children

Mark was responsible for all of the artwork and helped coordinate the event. He's a hoot.

Chris and I with good friend Jeff and his girl friend Jane.

Yep, we got a friendly reminder that we needed to turn down the volume a bit. Micky (Roland's best friend) ended up befriending the fellow.

My friend Andrina. She's also a pal from our supper club. She loves to cook and always makes the best food!

Chris hanging with Mike (Andrina's hubby) and funny Mark. Funny....those enjoying the home brew got really happy that night.

Tribute to 80's hair.

Mark and Micky performing some of Roland's favorite songs.

The American Hot Rods! If you are an 80's hair band buff, this band is for you. They actually were very good. Rocked the house and sounded just like the originals when they performed.

The event was a big hit and a large amount was raised for the kids. Roland would be proud.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011