Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Roland Fundraiser

Last weekend we attended a fundraiser for our late friend Roland's children. The event was held at a local pub with a large outside area. There were four bands with one of them being Roland's favorite 80's cover bands, The American Hot Rods. I thought I would share some of the fun and craziness from the night. It was supposed to be an 80's theme, though only a few dressed up.

Chris made two kegs of California Common home brew for the cause. Each beer sold at $4.00 each. All proceeds went to the children. Here we are at work! I love the hanging bras from the ceiling, don't you? No, I did not make a bra donation.


List of items for the cause. There were also higher end donations up for auction.

The children

Mark was responsible for all of the artwork and helped coordinate the event. He's a hoot.

Chris and I with good friend Jeff and his girl friend Jane.

Yep, we got a friendly reminder that we needed to turn down the volume a bit. Micky (Roland's best friend) ended up befriending the fellow.

My friend Andrina. She's also a pal from our supper club. She loves to cook and always makes the best food!

Chris hanging with Mike (Andrina's hubby) and funny Mark. Funny....those enjoying the home brew got really happy that night.

Tribute to 80's hair.

Mark and Micky performing some of Roland's favorite songs.

The American Hot Rods! If you are an 80's hair band buff, this band is for you. They actually were very good. Rocked the house and sounded just like the originals when they performed.

The event was a big hit and a large amount was raised for the kids. Roland would be proud.

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Best Wishes, Marie said...

so sad. what a loss. been busy, will do some speed reading to catch up. life has a way of working out as well as kicking us in the gut at times.