Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Lovely visit with a friend

I recently visited my dear friend Janet and her family. She moved to a wonderful city not far from Disney called Winter Park. About a two hour drive from my place.

I had a wonderful time and it was way past due for a visit. I spent the night after work on a Friday and on Saturday morning I joined her for her morning run. We left her home before dawn and arrived at a beautifully lit park on a lake. I actually ran 3 miles! I could not believe it! Me? Run? No way! A year ago today.... no way.

Janet runs almost every day and is in wonderful shape. You go mama! I felt so happy to have been able to run with her for a bit. I know she slowed down for me and didn't do her normal length, but I was so happy to share that experience with her. It was an experience. I really enjoyed it and got this sense of euphoria. Not just in completing something you set out to do, but knowing that every step you take is another step to better health (and weight!).

After our run, we headed downtown. The downtown shopping area was just wonderful. It reminded me of Saratoga Springs, New York with hints of Montreal. There were spice and tea shops, wine bars and shops, cheese shops, a chocolatier, vintage candy shop, French pastries, art shops, various clothing stores and many European style cafes with outside tables.

I fell in love with the place. I was sure I had left the state of Florida. Why do I live where I live again? Good question. One day we may actually move to a town or state that holds items of our interests where we don't have to drive for miles and miles for any enjoyment.
The streets had lovely shops and then mini walk ways hidden inside with even more little shops and cafes.

They have a farmer's market every Saturday. EVERY Saturday! This place was booming with people, dogs (people seem to love their dogs here and bring them out with them) and many vendors selling items like produce, cheeses, pastries, breads, grass fed meats, flowers, plants, coffee, tea, jams, etc. It was like a market I've seen in Malta. Just awesome. I loved the energetic vibe and I also loved the selection! I left there with some yummy and beautiful produce.

I knew better than to taste any cheese....that would have been the end of my funds for sure.

Quick view of one of the street corners. The shop on the left with the green awning was a spice shop. Nothing but spices!
Before we left, Janet brought me to a lovely vegan restaurant called Ethos. The atmosphere was very laid back and cool and they had a menu with a wide range of goodies. They also had some great micro brew beers available. I had sweet was way to hot out. I also ordered this delicious black bean burger. It was huge! I ate as much as I could and took the rest home. Chris ended up enjoying the rest of it.

I have since made time to run at home three times on my own. I downloaded a 40 minute 1 to 1 ratio program (walk 1 minute, run 1 minute for approx 3 miles) for my ipod. During the week is a challenge as the only time I have available is at 4:00 am! It's harder to get out of bed than the running itself.

Thank you again Janet for a wonderful time and thank you for introducing running to me. I can't wait to return to see you and your lovely family.


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

I'm so far behind on reading any blog updates that I just saw this one! I had such a good time while you were here. I cannot believe you ran 3 miles on your first run; you're amazing! I think you guys just need to move to this part of the state. Can you imagine - weekend runs and the farmer's market! We'd have a blast. You must come again soon!!

Nessa said...

You are welcome mama! I must thank you again though, I really enjoyed myself. I really enjoy running to. It's very uplifting. I will definitely plan on coming by very soon! Hopefully to your new condo! I sure wish we could move. It would be great to live in a cool place and be closer to you. My town blows and you are too damn far away! ;o)