Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My first time tasting Mozzarella cheese

Maybe I should rephrase that and say; I just recently tasted Mozzarella cheese, the way it was meant to taste, for the first time, here where I live. There. I know while overseas or in the northeast I ate plenty of fresh made mozzarella.

In my neck of the woods it's always been either the oil based fake mozzarella on commercial pizzas or the supposed version sold at the grocery store. Those blocks sold at the store are hard, without texture, filled with added mystery ingredients and tasteless. I believe the most important aspect most folks here want to see out that cheese is the string quality, not the taste or ingredient quality.

How about those scary fried cheese sticks provided for free with any order of stuffed crust cheese pizza? Yes, let's order a cheese pizza, with even the crust stuffed with cheese and then gorge on a box filled with fried cheese sticks. Oh wait! It's not cheese really, it's a processed petroleum product. Yum... Hold on. I need to take some aspirin and a couple of Lipitors first. Let me down those pills with the liter of cola that came with the pizza order.

Where was I going with this? It's been a while since I've had a quality rant. Sorry.

I was actually headed in a more positive direction. Chris had to work last Saturday and just happened to be near our favorite food store - Whole Foods. I had mentioned that I wanted to make some pizzas and he thought it would be great to pick up some fresh made Buffalo Mozzarella while he was there.

It was a brilliant idea! The cheese was locally made, all wrapped up in a ball and tasted dreamy. It had a great texture too. We couldn't believe the difference in taste and quality. I decided to attempt a Margherita pizza. It ended up being the best tasting pizza I have made so far. Funny thing being it had the least ingredients. I admit I did cheat on the crust. I purchased pre made pizza dough (Janet, you have my permission to slap me next time I see you), let it rest an hour, shaped it, then topped it with some simple red sauce I made. The sauce was 4 cloves of garlic chopped and then heated in a little olive oil, added some crushed tomatoes and a little dried oregano and simmered for a bit.

For the pizza I rubbed the outside crust with olive oil, spooned on the sauce, placed four large slices of cheese (about 1/4 inch thick) on the pizza and baked. Once done I sprinkled on some fresh basil. This pizza was what dreams are made of. The cheese tasted great uncooked, but had an incredible flavor cooked. An awakening in flavor. Totally a universe apart from regular grocery store purchased shredded mozzarella. You have to make it yourself to understand.

I will never forget the look on Chris's face after his first taste.

Makes me wonder what else are we are missing out on? I learned what good olive oil was supposed to taste like, good balsamic vinegar and now this. I can't wait to find out what else we can learn about in the food world.Bella enjoyed some homemade pizza too. She made her own. She likes just plain cheese pizza.
Happy Mr. Picky here still won't try pizza. We've tried, nothing yet. He'll figure it out someday.


Domestic Goddess Designs said...

*Slap!* Just kidding. :) I'm all about the easy. Though, I do have some frozen pizza dough that I made just waiting for me to do something with it. Your pizza looks great! I might have to make some for us next week.

Best Wishes, Marie said...

caprezi salads are the best. fresh motzz, tomatoe, and fresh basil. evoo and bals vin. ohhhh we live on that during the summer. and it can be a great budget stretcher !!

wanda barrett said...

I've been eye-balling that local moz at Whole Foods for over a year now. I had a ball in my hand this weekend, but durn that stuff is EXPENSIVE. Good to know that it is actually worth splurging on. Thanks! (although, no thanks from my wallet)

Nessa said...

Hi Wanda! It is kinda pricey but then I thought about it. Chris bought a ball that cost $10. We had enough to top two pizzas, diced some in a pasta dish and had some left over to dice in a salad. It luckily can go a long way. Still cheaper than ordering two pizzas for delivery. :o)