Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Sticking to it

As you can tell from my Memorial post and my Disney trip post, I haven't stuck by my "go vegetarian" project very well. I haven't been sticking with it as I claimed I would. We haven't fallen completely off the wagon of course. I'm not eating meat with every meal or gorging on chicken wings and burgers every other day. Our main focus is still vegetables, beans and grains. A day here or there is better than every day, every meal. We'll get to a balance while taking it day by day.

What have I been sticking with? It's been about three months since I joined Jazzercise. I'm still loving it and I try to attend as many classes as my schedule allows which is about four days a week. I would go more often, but they don't have any classes on Sunday, no evening classes on Friday and Thursdays are usually up in the air. Four days is better than no days.

I also have my new interest of pursuing more running time. I figure I can run on the days I don't go to Jazzercise. Only problem is the only time slot I have for running is very early in the morning around 4:00am. Unless I would rather experience cardiac arrest and try and run after work in the 98 degree heat. For Sunday I want to rest and have at least one day out of the week to sleep in.

So that would be four days Jazzercise, two days running. Six days is better than no days.
To make it easier on myself. I am taking it day by day. That's the best way, that is the mindset that works for me. Depending on how my day went, I may not be able to drag my ass out of bed at four o'clock in the bloody morning. If I don't manage it, instead of beating myself up about it, I try again for the next time.

That feeling of defeat can end your journey to better health. I can't let any set backs bring me down. I must keep moving forward. Since time is not in my favor, even when I try and make the time, I have to do the best I can every day.

My health has become this certain focal point with me. Instead of just blogging about it, researching health topics and cooking, I am also doing. Physically moving. It feels good to move. It also feels good to know I am doing everything I can to stay around as long as I can for my children. They need me here, healthy and well.
Off topic. Look who's sporting the post nap hair and stare. If looks could kill right?