Monday, July 25, 2011

Just having a little food fun

I had some friends over this past Saturday where I made Timpana and the folks also brought in some scrumptious delights. I'll be posting more about that tomorrow (I didn't upload all of the pictures apparently).

Bella has been doing so well in broadening her food horizons. We are so proud of her. Everyday she strives to try something new. She has found that she likes cantaloupe, sharp cheddar cheese, mustard, and pineapple. She didn't really enjoy the watermelon, avocado or olives. She found that she really loves fresh cherries and Timpana.

She loved my Timpana so much she had seconds for dinner Saturday and then requested leftover Timpana for dinner Sunday.

Here they both are having a little fun at the table yesterday.

We are still working on getting Weeman to eat more of a variety of foods. He's getting there slowly. He's our resident vegetarian and sweet tooth. He did also find out that fresh ripe cherries blow grapes out of the water!

Kris's thoughts on Timpana.
It's all in having fun right? Now Kris, I still see your vitamins on your plate. Better eat up!

Thursday, July 14, 2011


It's been a while since I've posted anything from my kitchen. Since I didn't snap a photo last night, I thought I'd catch one today during lunch! This was just a toss about of eggplant, chicken sausage, Brussels sprouts, yellow squash, roasted tomatoes and pasta. Easy peasy and tasted great! I think it was especially good because Chris added some red wine to the eggplant when it was browning because he thought it needed some de-glazing. Turned out to be a good add on! I'll get that man cooking dinner yet!

You just want to reach into the screen

I have this blog that I love to visit and I have it featured here. It is called Simply Breakfast. You should really visit this place. It's a beautiful blog filled with brilliant photographs and mouth watering breakfasts. That's what the blog mainly is about. A photographer who loves breakfast and she posts pictures of her delights. I just want to reach into my screen and feel the warmth in the photo and the taste of the food.

I thought I would share some of them (hope she doesn't mind). Her breakfasts are a great resource for different ideas for recipes as well as some beautiful photos. Click on the Simply Breakfast link above or over on the right.

It also helps to get out of the eggs, bacon, grits and potatoes rut. Baked eggs with potatoes, sausage, and goat cheese. Topped with pickled onions at ortine. Pear sangria.
Crepe with plain yogurt, raspberries, blueberries, and mint. Coffee with soy milk.
Flakey pastry with cheese filling and half an apple. coffee. (Looks like Pastizzi!)
Greek yogurt, mango, coconut, and slivered almonds.
Sauteed broccoli rabe, parm, + egg.
Toasted bagel with avocado, crushed red pepper, black pepper, olive oil, and salt.

Great new find

I was channel surfing in the car the other day and nothing seemed to interest me. I wasn't in the mood for music, the news channels were just, well... all negative, and even my normal programmed channels seemed dull. I stopped on the Cosmo channel for a second, thinking as usual that the topic would be their normal over the top superficial dialogue of Hollywood gossip and over priced shoes; but for a moment, it was something different.

This guy (radio host at the time, no clue about his name or expertise) was speaking about how he visited his pal in rural NY for the weekend and was amazed and moved by his friend's wife Val. He spoke about how she carried herself, cared for the family, was extremely happy, healthy and wise. He mentioned that she was a yoga instructor and that she also had just started her own blog.

I was captivated by this woman all of a sudden. I had to find out more about her and her blog. How could a person so young be so put together, healthy, happy and wise? The radio fella mentioned her blogs name, I somehow remembered it and then when I had my next opportunity to catch some Internet, I looked her up.

From the looks of it, she only just started her blog; but in my opinion, I love her writing, her thoughts and completely feel inspired by her. I understand why this radio host friend of hers was so taken by her. Her blog entry "Everything we need we already have" was just wonderful. I felt I had to share it. Enjoy.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

This is your life.

Had to share this. My friend Janet posted this on facebook and I love it. There are items on here that are a work in progress. Others I have experienced and some I try my best to. Enjoy and share.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Must see documentary

Netflix is a wonderful thing. They have a lengthy list of available documentaries to watch and Chris and I LOVE documentaries. We noticed this new one the other day and stopped everything to watch it.

We were happy we did. I recommend that everyone take an hour and a half out of their life to watch Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. Joe is an Australian fella who is overweight, taking pills and has ill health. He decides to travel the U.S. while juicing for 60 days. Just vegetable and fruit juice. Through his travels he losses weight, meets people, changes his life, gets off the meds and touches the life of Phil an obese truck driver.

Joe begins by juicing, but once the reboot or detox is over and then he feels lifted and better, he retains the thought pattern for a healthy lifestyle. He eats healthy, exercises, runs and juices. He was also able to help Phil. Phil's journey was amazing. I was using up tissues watching. Here is what we are finding out. The hard way for many. Most of the diseases and illness here in America are a direct result from lifestyle. Period. You are what you eat, you are what you don't do. If you don't eat well and don't exercise, you will get sick. The other issue here is that our health care system (should be called sick care) focuses on medicating your symptoms, not going to the source or cause of the problem. We'll give you pills for your cholesterol, but we won't find out why it's high, or change your lifestyle of eating burgers and watching TV. We'll give you reflux meds, but we won't research to see what's causing it etc.

Dr. Dean Ornish said once in a lecture I heard on a podcast. The heath care systems like to sweep and mop up the flooding water but never search to find out where the leak is coming from. Turn off the faucet instead of continuously mopping up the floor.

Uh oh...getting carried away again. Sorry. Please, just watch this on a rainy day. You won't regret it.

New York Trip

Have I mentioned that I love the state of New York? Every time I visit, I love it more. I have yet to experience the city, but someday I know I will.

How do I describe my feelings for this place. At least, the areas I have been. Mostly up state and now west. I can say; when I am there, I feel like I fit in. People seem to be interested in the same things as I am, they seem eager to meet you, friendly, inventive and proud of living a more sustainable and healthy life. I know I can't generalize for all because we are all people, there are the good, the bad and the ugly. Everywhere.

But most of the people I met and interacted with were so very enlightening. At the Inn they were proud to strive for the use of chemical free cleaning products, recycling and brought in local and organic foods, beer and wine. I was so excited! If you can imagine the look on my face when at our first breakfast when Urcula (the German housekeeper that I wanted to stuff in my luggage to take back home) said: "Welcome! For breakfast this morning we have Amish fresh made jams and jellies, local vegetables and fruit, Amish eggs, bread and cream and some freshly made pastries and quiche with fresh squeezed orange juice." I think I fainted and the girls had to pick me back up.

After that I couldn't wait until the next morning to see what other goodies they had for breakfast!
The inn we stayed at had a restaurant and a pub. They also made their own beer! This place rocked and I hope I get to visit again. This building was also built in the 1800's. So cool.

Inside our room. Jill and I shared a room and Kimberly had her own. They joined so we kept both spaces open.

Part of the pub.

This is a cute little restaurant we stumbled upon in Aurora. The food was delicious with all of the ingredients coming from local farms. From the salad, to the beef to the wine. It was all local. Unbelievable. They also had a small trail out back up on the hill where you could take your glass of wine and walk down for a nice view of the lakes and countryside.

I snapped a picture of a cottage near the lake outside of the restuarant. Excuse me...can I move in?

I had a great time visiting and I am so thankful that my friend Kimberly invited me to come. She was so thoughtful and giving. For the entire trip, I only had to pay for my food and half of my room. She got the rest. It was a trip I will never forget. We met some great people, ate some wonderful food and even got a picture with the band. Thank you so much Kimberly!

Mackenzie Childs

On the final whole day we had in New York we decided to just hang out at the Inn and maybe drive around a bit. The finger lakes near us (just south of Lake Ontario) are surrounded by vineyards. Jill found in the travel brochure that one of her favorite companies Mackenzie-Childs had their small factory and store very near the inn. So that's were we headed.
View from the top of the hill where the Mackenze-Childs compound was.

Jill in front of some of the beautiful gardens there.

The factory and store are surrounded by artists that live within the property. These artists help create a lot of the hand made items they sell. The grounds were very beautiful.

The old farm house were they now use to display a lot of their products and art.

View from the porch. You can't really see, but way in the back there was a vegetable garden behind the barn. The next few pictures are from the inside of the farm house.

Everything in that farm house was created and painted by hand. Very cool.

You know you are at a small airport when...

The TSA leave you a "We will be back at..." sign when they are on their break.

Picture of the little prop plane we took to Washington. Was my first experience jumping about in a small plane. I was a bit concerned and very happy upon landing both times.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maroon 5

Can you find me? I'm behind the large fella on the right. I did get to stand arm and arm with the bass player. He even was polite enough to give his thanks. Thought I would share our photo op with the band.

I have more to share from my short trip to NY. I'll get back on here shortly. Every time I visit that state, I fall deeper in love with it.